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Asparagus Pee Walk of Shame

You're a Creepo

Been there done that. You tried it and it wasn't for you., Choosing fashion over function, and HOW did he get her address?

Hot On The Ground

How do you store these regular household items?, You locked out stories and she should have listened to her mom!

I'd Like To Speak To A Manager

How did you mess with someone?, How did you find out the vasectomy didn't take?, and ALWAYS check socials before the first date!

Carry On Bobby

Teacher code?, what's the family drama?, and who's recently been scammed.

Make Mommy Wait

What did your kid ruin?, irrational fears, and do you smell that?

You Scarred Me Bro!

Embarrassing moments, Who thinks they are going to be laid off or fired?, Inappropriate relationships with teachers, and Dema from Safe Kids sits down with Frankie and Jess!

What is it? Finger Lickin' Good?

Crazy snacks you've snuck into the theater, who's pressuring you to have kids, and who takes longer to get ready?

Including Gam Gam

What has your pet destroyed?, Who doesn't share food?, and poor decisions stories.

Can't Be Sealed in the Parking Lot

Your icks, Would you sleep in another room if it meant better rest?, and have you ever (BOW CHICKA BOW WOW) on the first date?