Weekdays 6am - 10am - I began my road to radio by going to school in Idaho for Broadcasting. I thought I would go into TV here in Utah, mainly because growing up I was always begging for the home videos to be all about me. I took one class that was all about radio and there was something about it that sparked a little bit of curiosity in me.I took a semester off of school to do an internship and before moving from Idaho to Utah to do so I took a shot in the dark and emailed Frankie about doing a job shadow with him and Jess at their studio. I came in for the job shadow and ended up getting thrown on the microphone that day because they wanted my opinion on a millennial topic.That day is what helped me begin my own weekly Millennial Moment segment. Once that began I knew for sure that radio is what I wanted to do. When you are doing exactly what you are meant to do, things just get put together quickly. I am so happy that I get to be in such a fun, easy going, and happy work environment that allows for me to be my creative self. This job allows for me to do behind the scenes work and be the face and voice of the radio station.I also still am able to do the TV gig that I was wanting to do all through college. Wayne and I visit with Casey Scott and Debbie Worthen on KUTV’s Fresh Living each week to keep them up to date on Millennial trending topics.When I’m not on air I love to chase my siblings around and watch them compete with their sports teams. I am the oldest of four siblings, and love to be their fun and supportive big sis.I also enjoy eating out. I can sorta cook, but I love trying a new dish at a restaurant that I have never been to. Nothing is better than hitting up Bdubs on a Thursday with friends though. Especially when there is a football game on.





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