GOOD VIBES: Local Teen is Gifted a Brand New Accessible Car

Sarah Frei, a cheerleader at Syracuse High School, asked her parents 6 months ago some questions most teens would never have to ask. "Will I be able to swim? Will I be able to drive? Will I be able to cheer?"

Sarah has been recovering from a double amputation and other critical injuries she suffered after she was hit by a suspected drunk driver. Her parents, Greg and Amy Frei, knew that she was strong enough to be able to perform those activies in the future, and told her YES! Yes, you will be able to.

She is now to the point 6 months later, that she is cheering again. "I knew that it would be modified, but I was still able to be a part of the team."

She learned a new routine, set to her favorite song "Home Sweet" by country singer Russell Dickerson in her hospital bed, and performed the routine at a Clearfield High School football game the day after returning home.

Dickerson saw the performance online and surprised Sarah with a brand new accessible car for her to use. She thought that she was just doing another media interview, but then Russell Dickerson came onto the screen.

The crash has also pushed the family into advocacy. Sarah and her family are pushing for a bill against drunk driving and Sarah's Bill (HB 47) was created in response to the devastating crash. The bill would impose harsher bail limits for a person accused of injuring people while driving drunk.

Photo: Getty Images