GOOD VIBES: Community raises $125k for girl who paid for her moms rent

Alondra Carmona has always been a hard worker when it came to school. She worked hard and was accepted into Barnard College in New York. She then found out what the tuition was going to be, and realized she would not be able to pay for it, even with a $60,000 yearly grant. Around that time her mom told her that she had been out of a job for three months. Right away Alondra told her mom she would take the money she had been saving for college by working a couple jobs after her school day. She told her mom she would use her savings to pay for her moms rent, and then try and make up the money by asking for money through a Gofundme page.

Her community gathered around her on Gofundme and raised $125k for her to go to college!

Photo: Getty Images