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TEXT TOPIC: What was your FIRST CAR?

my first car was a white 2006 Toyota Corolla. For years I used to have stuffed frogs decorating the back of the car. I actually had the car up until2018 when I totaled it hitting a deer. It was a good car

my first car was a baby blue geo prizm. With a $1500 sound system which was more than the car was worth haha

my 1st car was a 1969 vw bug it was baby blue...Best car I ever had. So easy to work on. wish I still had it. Worse thing I ever did was sell it

first car- 91 Toyota pick up, stick shift! my dad side swiped a pole at the gas station months before it was handed over and he tried to "paint" the area by himself># it looked so bad!

my first car was an old lady car. I got it second hand in 2006 it was a 1998 Mercury sable that i named Mabel it was a blue-gray color... i hated it.

My 1st car was a 1972 Chevy Nova. I''m female, was 19 & I paid $100.00. It took 2 monthly pymts of $50.00. Had brown paint, white top. Only had to replace windshield, brakes & wash it. It had sat for 2 yrs. I loved it!

My first car was a faded blue 1989 Chevy Sprint. It was great until someone ran into me on 5600 s in Kearns

my first vehicle was a 71 Ford Pickup

1970 Dodge Colt! Had an "original" push button start.. my dads answer to the ignition issue. The driver''s side door didn''t open and I can''t rememberwhat else.. Hand me down from big brother.

bought a brand new Mitsubishi in ''99. I had it for 13 years, had over 300,000 miles. Only things replaced were the tires, battery & windshield. Even the clutch lasted that long. The only reason why we got rid of it is the body was literally falling apart and wasn''t safe after the hood flipped off on I15. ># lucky no one was hurt and nothing was damaged except our car.

my 1st car: 76 Ford 4dr Maverick $100. I miss that car and keep looking for another. When I should it to two guys, he said "now we have own door to bedroom

first car 1988 Ford Tempo (got it in 2001) POS car but we sure had fun in it

1977 Nova Super Sport 350

black 1996 geo prism. Windows weren't power.

first car was a 65 Ford pickup. I bought it from a farmer for $600. Parked across the street in the high school parking lot so my parents wouldn''t know. Had it for 8 months before my dad seen me driving.

first car was a 1976 Torino... 35,000 original miles nothing wrong with it got it from my great grandma... brother in law sold it to a scrap yard

1975 Bricklin SV-1

61 Ford Futura. Loved that car. Had to sell it because I needed the money for my family.

my first car was a 1986 Nissan Maxima. It was gold and the power steering would turn off without notice. My arms would randomly get a workout.

my first car was a 72 Cuda with a 340 slapstick. Bought it in 1980 for $200 there it sat my Beauty with four flat tires and hadn''t ran for a few years. Put tires on it gave it a full tune up and it started right up. The car would do burnouts for days! Best car ever! Listener bill

bought myself a 95 Hyundai S-coupe. Seller needed to pay rent so I got it for 2k and it only had 50k miles!

1st car was a green 1958 Buick Rambler that was in water. Dad bought it for 25. It looked like the car Lois Lane drove. It was in good shape. EXCEPTcoming down a hill on 30th street after attending class at WSU, I lost my brakes. I panicked until a voice said use the emergency brakes. It worked. I called my call my car the Green Latrine!

first car '94 mustang....of course I named her "Sally".

had a 1986 Chrysler 5th ave, maroon, 2 years older then me and ha a raider homie sticker on it. Thought I was so cool

Ford probe 1999

Nissan Pulsar

2006 dodge mini van, driving to school sucked!

93 Corolla. It got a new engine in 2002, and now has 430,000 miles on it. That car handles snow like nobody's business!

My first car was a 69 VW Beetle! Needed work.. was a primer color.. but fun to drive!!

had a 1977 white pedo van it was awesome went thru 3 engs and 1 trans

78 Ford Mustang bought in 88 and had only 2200 miles. Literally was owned by a little old lady from Pasadena

94 Ford Taurus. Packed so many friends in there. Called her big red.

89' Toyota pickup unnamed crap box. That got more air than a skate board at the x games. It got beat. Miss that truck

brand new 93 Ford Escort. Had it for 23 years until my teen daughter totaled it. I cried all the way home from the auto body shop!

Pontiac sunfire. Spent $5000 total on the car and painted it glitter gold. Had the crank windows and everything. Rear windows tinted for my high school whoring days

update to the blue 89 Chevette. I had the car through high school until I went in the service and in basic training my stepmother decided to drive it and rear end someone. Never drove it again

1980 Datsun 310. Never had reverse but had a little brother to push me out of the driveway

This is Rod from geek squad. I had a 75 Chevy vega.

88 Camero white with blue interior. Beautiful until the transmission went out

2000 Saturn (base model - maybe an S1) leased it for three years. Only had 52 miles on it when I got it

first car was a puke green Honda Accord. I don''t remember the year, but let''s just say it was for sure older than me. We named it Artie because we joked it had arthritis because it would squeak every time you hit a bump.

I''m older, and when we were kids, my dad bought us a 69 Chevy Camaro. It was white with a big black stripe going down the middle. it was a very cool car, and all of us kids got to share it to drive to high school.

1989 Mazda rx7 I thiuhht i was the shiz it looked fast but was a hunk a junk!!

my first car was a Daewoo Lanos. (Daewoo also made my first DVD player!)

1986 Honda Prelude

First car was an AMC Eagle!!

Isuzu Amigo. Cutest car at Viewmont High

Born in 90. Got a hand-me-down 1998 Isuzu Rodeo. Manual, In red! Having it be my first car, I didn''t know you had to change the oil with an older car that often. Ended up frying the engine. Before it''s death i lived out of it.

My first car is a 2002 infiniti i35. But first project is a 1979 ford thunderbird

My first car was a Chevy Cavalier I don't remember the year but it was OLD and bright red, I wrecked it a few months later :/

first was a bmw 3 series.

my dad gave me a beautiful ''85 k5 blazer. My parents were divorced and my mom couldn''t be outdone. Bought me a ''95 cavalier. Dad said "fine" and sold the blazer. I would have rather had the blazer.

my first car was an89 vet, Chevette blue four-door

1987 Chevy blazer it was the red rocket I lived in for a couple years I cried like a baby when I had to get. Of it

first car 95 ' FORD RANGER.. it was a stick and I couldn't drive a stick .. boys from my Sunday school class drive it BEFORE ME!! It had 23 miles on it !

VW 84 Jetta red! Whoo

rusty '72 Buick opal ding dents galore

The Audi Fox reminds me of my first car, 1976 Toyota Corolla, 2 door. Turd brown. I was 18, I paid cash.

my first ride was a 1993 Berlanetta Camero. I got it a months before I turned 16 I was in love till everyone at my high school did the Kit and the Nightrider theme whenever I came around lol

96 Ford Ranger, bought it in 2014 with only 90,000 miles single owner. Fantastic truck! Lil sis drives it now

first car was a bright yellow Ford Focus hatchback. I was obsessed and devastated when my dad totaled it the day before my 16th birthday

87 Camaro same year I was born : ) beautiful but falling apart I cried when my dad made me sell it to get something that was safe. I still have half of the key... The other half broke off in the door

1988 vw fox. 2 door station wagon 4 speed

''87 Honda CRX. I was so embarrassed of it I would wait to start it until my boyfriend had walked back inside from walking me out of his house >&< &@

89 Ford Escort hatchback. That car was the shiiiit! Piece of nothing but so fun to drive in high school

1983 Volkswagen Vanagon. Two twelve inch subs. 6x9's. Fit twelve friends and a bobble head chihuahua on the dash

1986 Toyota Camry with ALL red interior. I swear it had a rubber bumper cause that thing bounced right off a brand new cadi with no damage to me. Italso caught pretty good air a time or two.

1968 VW white bug. I was also born in 1968. No heater or defrost. to slap School in the winter I would have my friend''s place they''re warm hands on the window so I had a spot to see through.

1973 chev nova lemon yellow a tad bit of rust. I was 16 awesome car packed 11 friends in it once $300.

78 Pinto wagon I put curtains in it so cool..not!

purple ''97 Ford Escort named Grimace after the McDonald''s character

70 AMC Gremlin

86 1/2 Toyota Supra yes they made half years. I named her trouble because that all I got in with her. So many speeding tickets

1980 Nissan 280 zx Custom black and red paint job. I got my license in 94. It was a sweet ride. 2 seater...

'76 Honda Civic cvcc. Got me from point A and sometimes to point B

87' Mercury Topaz, all black and no AC (didn't work). Imagine it piled with six -16 yr olds going to and from football practice. Hello B.O.!!!

had a 2003 Ford F-250 lifted loud as hell we called her b r g w big red gutles wonder. Could barely make the speed limit and it was so so loud butme and my friends drove it to the ground until I got t boned in it. To this day when I hear a loud ass truck I think of her lol

love you guys. My first car was a 1970 Toyota corona. It had bullet holes in it. And it took 2 hours to drive it in the winter. I had to plug the engine heater that you let sit in oil or my car would never run without it

83 Nissan datsun stanza blew the head gasket best car ever

92 Saturn sc2. Shook like a motha at 114mph Put 2 clutches in that race car My Jake Ryan red car. Wife still talks about it

73 Buick La Sabre... it had a 455 with a Quadra jet about 3 miles to the gallon

1988 gmc jimmy .. only 2 years younger than me lol

1993 Saturn lol fan toggle switch in the middle console , totally rigged

1991 Geo Metro Convertible yellow. I called him Pikachu. It was terrible! Wouldn''t work in temps under 60 ~DP

Red 2003 Chevy Cavalier, 2 door. I bought it for $1,400 cash when I was 19. It was a great car!

First car I purchased was a 1984 maroon t top 280 Z

first car was 1975 dodge dart, I got in 1994. It was a green tank, am radio only and leak water on my foot when it rained. But it was only 300 and it got me where I needed to be

My first car was a tan, 1979 TOYOTA Celica. I LOVED that car but it would backfire ALL THE TIME in the school parking lot. It was so embarrassing.

86 Isuzu pup 5 dipped manual 4 cyl. Thing ran like a champ

1964 Chevy Malibu, no not the ss , a 4 door steel boat. Am Radio only, didn''t even have to put the key in to engage the ignition I think we turned the odometer over 2 times. She''s been in the family since 1965 and we''re waiting to restore her.

first car was 1998 Hyundai Accent green put in killer sound system with sub woofers. Had to sell

86 1/2 Toyota Supra yes they made half years. I named her trouble because that all I got in with her. So many speeding tickets

first car 78'' Chevy Stepside! Lifted 35" tires, bout 10 mpg= LOVED that truck.

powder blue hatch back pinto in Tuscon NO AC wtheck?

3 Corolla. It got a new engine in 2002, and now has 430,000 miles on it. That car handles snow like nobody's business!

My first car was a 69 VW Beetle! Needed work.. was a primer color.. but fun to drive!!

had a 1977 white pedo van it was awesome went thru 3 engs and 1 trans

78 Ford Mustang bought in 88 and had only 2200 miles. Literally was owned by a little old lady from Pasadena

my first car was an 84 s-10 blazer 2 wheel drive. Had 2 15 inch subwoofers you could hear the bass fron a mile away. What was fun was i could pump the gas pedal in first gear and it would make the blazer bounce the front tires off the ground looking like it had hydraulics. Lol

My first car was a cutlass driver door wouldn''t open, I had to use the passenger door. My license plate frame said....don''t laugh, your daughter might be in here!

my first car was a 1967 ford galaxie it was red with black interior bought it with my graduation money for $500

early 2000 Subaru Legacy. The odometer and speedometer rarely worked. Such a fun stick. Got good and guessing my speed. Brother got it and was hita few years ago. Car was totaled!

first car was a mint green 57 chevy...previously owned by a gramma

first car was a 2000 Chevy prizm driven previously by 3 older siblings. Didn''t have a tachometer (rpm gauge) and I pushed it too hard during a silly teenager car chase. The engine was about to blow, and we sold it for cheap and told the buyer that the engine would need to be replaced. 3 months later, got a call from the city asking why our car was left in a ditch

92 Honda Accord. It got stolen 3 times and I got it back everytime

first car 1978 Buick riviera 455 long block. Smooth nice ride power to smoke tires. Miss it should have kept it

My first car was a tan, 1979 Honda Celica. I LOVED that car but it would backfire ALL THE TIME in the school parking lot. It was so embarrassing.

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