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GOOD VIBES: Two local entrepreneurs bought $10,000 in gift certificates

Two local entrepreneurs bought $10,000 in gift certificates each from local Utah businesses…….pretty awesome…also a way to promote our gift card effort…..

Two Utah business owners are finding ways to reach out to small businesses in need during this unique time we’re all facing – and they’re asking others to help support their efforts. 

Jimmy Rex, a successful real estate agent and host of his own talk show recently posted an invitation on Instagram. “Let’s support each other! I want to help all of those that have supported me over the years. If you have a small Utah business and sell gift cards I am going to buy $10,000 in gift cards in the next 24 hours to help support you. I won’t use them til this all passes.Comment below!!! My goal is to get 100 friends to do the same and together we will pour a million dollars into this local economy.”

Nicholas Howland, a talented plastic surgeon and owner of the prestigious Howland Plastic Surgery quickly commented, “We will purchase $10,000 in local business gift cards today and we will disperse them among our nurses and staff.”

Together, these two businessmen are highlighting five to six businesses each day on social media and letting people know how they can still support that particular business. 

Even though we’re all at home, there are ways we can reach out to others and still help out.

For more details about how to get involved and make a difference follow @mrjimmyrex and @howlandplasticsurgery to see who they’re partnering with to donate much needed supplies or resources, and small businesses they’re supporting and providing assistance to. Highlight this initiative and businesses with the hashtag #helplocalsurvive.

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