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GOOD VIBES: GirlDad stories after sports anchor’s tribute to Kobe Bryant

NBA Finals Game 5:  Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic

GirlDad stories after ESPN sports anchor’s tribute to Kobe Bryant

"I love how she wakes up every morning with the biggest smile to start our days. Born 8/24 last year." — Jay Dee.

I love any moment spent with my daughters! Why? They share their food with me when we go fishing! PROUD #GirlDad! –Nile Easton

"It’s the greatest feeling just having this beautiful little soul look at you and melts your heart. The best feeling is having her make your day great with or without her little attitude. ❤️🥰😍 #girldad," — Sean Martinez

I have my hands full with 5 girls. Ages 10, 8, 6, 3, and 1. I know I can't raise them alone, I have a wonderful wife, has been in it with me since the beginning. I can't begin to express the love I have for each of my daughters. They mean so much to me. Of course, I wish I had sons too, but having only girls really creates an environment in my home that I have grown to love. –David Farnsworth

"I love being able to have tea parties with two of my favorite girls!!" — Jesse Harrison

I love sharing jokes with my three year old! One day she’ll decide I’m not funny...–Mike Hughes

"My husband has always been proud to be a #girldad, and we all adore him!" — Jena Sainsbury Burr

My husband is an amazing GirlDad! We have 4 beautiful daughters and each one is so different. He encourages them in their differences and is the most loving and supporting Dad. He’s currently working full time and in a graduate program at the U, but still finds time to attend his girls’ musical performances, sporting events, help with their never-ending school projects, and everything else that comes with 4 busy girls. –Angela Court

"I love being her dad. I love being able to see her grow up. I love to hear her life experiences. Being her dad is a joy!!!" — Dave Vance

Being a dad to these three young ladies has been the greatest gift in my life...I treasure all the moments I get to coach them, teach them and most importantly learn from them! –Nate Brazier

"My only child Lindsey. Raised her split time with Mom as single Dad since 2 years old. She’s approx 3 here. This picture shows the trust we had for one another and the joy together. Lost my Lindsey girl at age 29.5 years old in a tragic unforeseen accident 8 years ago. Very special bond Dad and Daughter we had." — Paul Quinby

I love sharing their zest for life! –Rick Barker

"I love watching her dance excitedly when i get home from work or school and then continuing to have a dance party in the kitchen." — Jeffrey Houston

I love my little angels. They will no doubt do anything they want in this world. I love them to the moon and back. #girldad. –Bret McCormick

“My heart will never belong to me again because it was stolen by my girls. They teach me humility, love, and to stay young at heart. I thank God every day for their sweet spirits in my life.” — Mike Miller

"I love to spend time with my girls. being a #GirlDad is a true blessing. i wouldn't want it any other way." — Ryan Brown

"Love my little ladies." - Matthew Curtis

"I am a very proud girl dad. She has my heart! I enjoy watching her grow and learn. Everyday she surprises me with something new. I love it!" - Aaron Tuttle

"Being a girl dad means that you have work cut out out for you, not just while they are little but even after they are on their own, we as fathers are the tree standing tall where our little girls can lean on while going thru harsh times. Being a girl dad means the world to me, every kiss from my little girls tells me that I'm being a good girl dad." - Javier Miranda

Being a girl dad means the world to me, every kiss from my little girls tells me that I'm being a good girl dad. –Javier Miranda

"The second my wife and I found our our child was going to be a girl we both cried for joy! I wanted a little girl that I could take to Disneyland to meet all the princesses and to see the magic light up in her eyes. I love reading her books and seeing her eyes light up as she sees each different picture and each time I do a new voice. I will always be her cheerleader with whatever she decides to do in life!" - Colbey Bentley

I will always be her cheerleader with whatever she decides to do in life! –Colbey Bentley

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