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GOOD VIBES: 5-year-old cancer survivor donates birthday gifts!

5-year-old cancer survivor donates thousands of toys to Penn State Children's Hospital

Weston, a 5 year old from Pennsylvania, donated all his birthday presents to the Penn State Children’s Hospital.

He was diagnosed with cancer in November 2016. His tumor was ,and still is, growing through the wall of his bladder wall and pushing on his colon. But Weston celebrated being cancer free for two years last month.

Weston turned 5 last Thursday and his parents asked him what he wanted, he said “ I don’t need anything. I want to give my presents to the children in the hospital.”

Weston was treated for his cancer at Penn state hospital, and that is where he donated his birthday presents.

For a couple weeks before his birthday Weston and his parents collected toys to donate to the Child Life program, which provides toys for all the children in the hospital.

They were able to donate thousands of toys to the hospital. Including 1,200 containers of play-doh, dinosaurs and lots of other fun stuff.

Weston’s family said it was the little things like toys that helped Weston when he was going through chemo.

Thumbnail Picture: Getty Images

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