GOOD VIBES: Teacher in Tulsa teaches a very valuable life lesson

Teacher in Tulsa teaches a very valuable life lesson

One teacher in Tulsa is going viral for a lesson she taught to her 7th and 8th graders. Mrs. Loewe always uses getting-to-know you activities to break the ice with her new students. During the summer she saw an idea for a lesson on a forum online and then made it her own. This lesson required the students to write down things that make them feel vulnerable and things they consider baggage. Then, they all put their pieces of paper into a plastic grocery sack and it now hangs outside Mrs. Loewe's classroom. She says for her and the students that represents leaving the baggage at the door, so that you can realize that yes, that is your past, but really that is not what defines you as a person. It brought many students to tears, and meant a lot to them. Such a powerful way to get closer with her students, and for them to be able to learn a very important life lesson.



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