GOOD VIBES: 18-year-old creates bra that can help detect breast cancer

This 18-year-old from Mexico, Julian Rios Cantu, has created a bra called Eva. The bra is an "auto-exploration bra". This means that it uses 200 sensors to be able to detect early signs of cancer. The bra just has to be worn for one hour per week. During that time it maps the characteristics of the breasts and then sends that data to a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth and examines any changes. 

It's really important in Mexico, where Julian lives, because there are only 9.5 mammography machines per million people. 

If that wasn't impressive enough for this 18-year-old, Julian has already formed his own company, Higia Technologies, which recently won the top prize of $20,000 at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. 



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