GOOD VIBES: Local woman helping domestic violence survivors: Update

Local woman helping domestic violence survivors: Update

A West Jordan woman wanted to make a difference for women who have experienced abuse, so she turned her garage into a clothing closet and continues to do everything she can to help others get back on their feet.

Martha Garcia recognized a need for women who had left abusive relationships. She envisioned a big building, a store which had everything a woman might need. Things to help make her smile and be happy. She wants to offer them really nice things since many of them left all their belongings behind.

Martha has been doing this clothing closet out of her garage. She has 2 daughters and herself that live at home and she doesn't feel safe with strangers coming in and out of her home. She wants a bigger facility that these women can come to to find safety and happiness. 

Martha has set up a go fund me account to be able to move her clothing closet into a storage unit or building. If you would like to help by donating, click here:

Martha's website for passionate wings is:



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