Help out one of our listeners friends who has non curable lymphoma

We received a heart-wrenching email from one of our listeners. If you would like to help, please read below how. 

My sweet friend was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 2 years ago. She has refused to give into this disease. She has tried alternate medicines such as high doses of vitamin c and various diets. Her cancer has progressed and its time to bring out the big guns. Jess has lost her job due to her illness. She has chosen to receive treatment in San Diego due to their advancement in medicine to treat blood cancers. The hard part about that is, she is away from her family and friends. Her husband and two young children are in Utah battling in spirit with her. It makes my heart ache that I can't be with her everyday to encourage and help her through feeling so sick and weak from the chemo. Jess has become my wonder woman, she is a warrior and a beacon of strength. Jess has stayed positive through this experience and kept searching for her answers. All she wants is to be able to see her young kids grow. If I can help in any way I am committed to make her burden a little lighter. Since I cannot be with her all the time, this is just one way I can help her. Please donate to her go fund me account to help take some of the financial stress off her young family. I am truly grateful for all the people willing to give, Jess is a giver as well. Thank you for supporting her in her journey to health.



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