GOOD VIBES WITH KYLIE: 8th Grader saves up all year to help those in need

While some kids may be spending their spring break partying on the beach or enjoying the warm weather, this eighth-grader is hard at work making sure that everyone in her community has clean laundry.

Jayera Griffin – who is an honor roll student at Washington Junior High School in Riverdale, Illinois – first became inspired to give back when she noticed that some of the children she tutored did not always have clean clothes to wear.

The 14-year-old was heartbroken by the fact that some families could not afford to do laundry, let alone have their own washer and dryer.

So for the last year, then teen has been saving and fundraising so she could have a free laundry day at her local laundromat over spring break.

Jayera was collectively able to raise over $1,000 for the event on Tuesday – and the participants were extremely grateful for the help.

The 14-year-old plans on having another free laundry day closer to when she goes back to school in August.



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