Utah Rep Burgess Owens Offers Help To Britney Spears

Utah Rep Burgess Owens and fellow members of the GOP have stepped in and wrote a letter to Britney Spears encouraging her to speak before Congress regarding her conservatorship. MSN.com and Fox Business report Owens said:

"Britney just represents the voice of the voiceless. I'm not sure about her particular case. I know there is a conservatorship and guardianship in which good people, my aunt, for instance, one, that got caught up in a system and she lost all her rights. She was living the American dream had had it and done very well in this country all sudden because of a judge was put into a system where she had no rights."

Read more of the article HERE.

(Story credit msn.com and FOX Business / Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

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