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I am from Northeast Pennsylvania, home of the world famous 98.5 KRZ and Froggy 101, which you may have seen on a show called "The Office". Believe it or not, I actually worked there!!! I was a jack-of-all-trades: Promotion Director, Production Director...I even spent time in costume as "Froggy" the mascot!!! Eventually, I became the full time night guy on air. My name was Jack Jumper. That lasted about 2 weeks. I couldn't handle fielding phone calls from people who wanted to dedicate songs to their dead dogs...Seriously!!

Backing up a little before that though...Here's the story of how I first got into radio: I was just 10 years old when 98 1/2 KRZ-FM first hit the air. It is a CHR station much like 97.1 ZHT. I got to visit the station a few times, after winning vinyl albums from them on the air. I think my first one was Survivor "Eye Of The Tiger" and another was Men At Work "Down Under". I got a tour of the place from Jim Rising, who was the Program Director at the time. My friend and I immediately fell in love with the business. We went home and constructed an imaginary radio station in his basement, cardboard boxes for walls and all!! I can just imagine how much of a fire hazard we created. From there, the rest is history!! After quite a lot of persistence, I ended up working at that very radio station years later. I spent over 6 years there, some of the time working on KRZ and the rest on their sister station, Froggy 101.

I not only do the 10-12 shift everyday at 97.1 ZHT, but I'm the Program Director here as well. Yes...I'm the one in charge of yelling at everyone every time they do something wrong!!! :)

When I'm not at ZHT, I like to unwind doing all kinds of activities, as long as it's with a positive group of people. I don't like the "Negative Nancys". I'm more of a summer than winter person. I love camping, hiking, biking, boating, going to the beach and taking road trips with my amazing wife Abbi and my stepkids Zen, Olivia and Dayne. Whether you park me at a campsite up Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon, take on a trip to Lake Powell, or make me hike up Ogden Waterfall Canyon. If there are breathtaking views, you'll never hear me complain.

Some of my favorite movies ever? "Stand By Me", "Shawshank Redemption", "The Green Mile", "Stripes", and "The Notebook". Yes, I'm a "softy" (I balled my eyes out during that movie). I'm kinda consider myself a "tough guy" too since the movie "Goodfellas" with Joe Pesci is another favorite. "Now, go get your shinebox!!!" I love the HBO series "Six Feet Under" and "True Blood" too.

I love to cook and especially barbeque when I have the time. I'm the "Grill Master" in our house but some of my best dishes have been made inside, like my "Parmesan Red Wine Risotto" (I actually stole it from Giada De Laurentis on Food Network). It's the "rice that made Abbi say yes!". Email me and I'll send ya a copy!






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