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Keep Your Eye On Gas Prices This Week!

Gas Prices Are Creeping Up After Pipeline Cyber Attack- Be prepared to pay a lot more for gas.

Oil prices are higher after a cyberattack on Friday forced a critical fuel pipeline network to shut down. Prices for oil are already up by about 50 cents.

They say that if the situation is not resolved by Tuesday that it could start jumping prices even more! The Colonial Pipeline is responsible for about 45% of the East coast's fuel.

Don't think it won't impact us here in the West. Prices were already rising because we’re finally getting out of the house, but this is a whole new level of cash we’ll have to pay up.

That will translate to quite a bit more at the pump. Prices are expected to continue to climb as the investigation, and possible fallout, into the cyber attack continues.

CNBC really brings it into perspective HERE.

(Courtesy CNBC / Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images / Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Gas Prices

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