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St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Kids To Do At Home

St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Kids To Do At Home

While St. Patrick’s Day isn’t one of the big three holidays, it’s the perfect one for kid fun!

Here are some things you can do with you children to celebrate!

  • Create a stained glass look clover with tissue paper and construction paper
  • Go on a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt with a pot of “gold” at the end.
  • Create and Eat Off of a Green-Themed Charcuterie Board
  • Use a St. Patty’s day bath bomb
  • Make Clover cookies
  • Build a Leprechaun trap
  • Build a Leprechaun house
  • Make a handprint rainbow

The Top Signs It's St.Patrick's Day!

You’re wearing a pin that says “Air High Five Me I’m Irish”

Green beer is considered a vegetable this year

Due to COVID restrictions you only have to wait 3 minutes for a drink at the bar

You’re wearing a shirt that says “Kiss Me I’m Vaccinated”

Still a 40-minute wait for a beer in Texas

Green Mask sales are through the roof

Vaccinated people are considered a 10 even before beer goggles kick in

First responders are partying like it’s 2019

Stimulus checks being signed over at the bar

Due to social distancing your alcoholic friend is now puking on his own shoes this year

People drunk dialing via Zoom

Instead of passing out and waking up in a tattoo chair you’re waking up in a vaccination chair

(Story courtesy of Pop Sugar / Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

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