Banksy Has The Last Laugh

Imagine you've just bid on one of Banksy's famous pieces of artwork, (to the tune of $1.4 million) only to watch that piece of art be completely shredded before your very eyes! That's what happened Friday at a Sotheby's in London. But who was in on this wild stunt? Well, Banksy posted a video of himself building the contraption that ended up destroying his work of art, so we know that much... but the bigger question is "was Banksy in the room when the shredding took place?!  That we may not ever know... Bansky has managed to keep his identity a secret for decades! 

But if you'd like to see a piece of Banksy's art work up close and personal, you can do so in Park City! The world famous artist left his mark on the side of a Main Street building a few years ago during the city's famous Sundance Film Festival! 



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