Name Your Kid After KFC Founder, Get $11,000

The name Harland may not be one that immediately comes to mind when naming your child... but KFC is hoping to sway you just enough to do exactly that!

 In honor of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders, KFC has decided to offer $11,000 towards college tuition to the first person to name their newborn Harland, on September 9th.  Why the number 11 you might ask? Well that is all due in part to the 11 herb's and spices used in the Colonel's famous chicken!  

Wouldn't it be cool if someone from Utah won this contest? I mean Utahn's sure do like giving their children unique names, AND the World's First KFC opened here in Salt Lake in 1952 at the corner of 39th S. and State St, so it would be like everything came full circle right? 



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