The Video Is Out!


Drake's highly anticipated video for his hit song "In My Feelings" is finally out!

 Now you might be thinking, is this just going to be a bunch of people doing the #shiggychallenge the whole time? Nah... it's actually got a very different story line, and features the likes of Lala Anthony, as "Keke" (Drake's love interest) and Phylicia Rashād as her no nonsense mother that cusses him off her lawn.  

But... Drake does showcase social media star "Shiggy Show" in the video as a stage handler trying to get him on stage. This is where Drake talks about having a dream where there's a huge viral dance surrounding his song and "some kid" started doing a dance to his song, and Will Smith and a bunch of celebs jumped in on the action. 

The whole music video is about 8 minutes long, and also features a bunch of celebs doing the #shiggychallenge at the very end!  I think its awesome Drake was cool enough to showcase Shiggy Show in his vid, especially after all the exposure he gave Drake by coming up with the new dance craze! Gotta check out this video! 



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