Keke Do You Love Me?!

There's a new dance crazy hitting the streets! (Literally) You've probably been seeing videos all over social media showcasing people getting out of their cars and dancing in the street to Drake's new hit song "In My Feelings."  Its called "The Shiggy Challenge" and it is everywhere! It was started by social media star "Shiggy Show" and has since gone viral! Celebs like Odell Beckam, Jr.  James Harden, Ciara, Russel Wilson, and many more, have all done their own take of the dance and uploaded it on social media. Everyone knows a banging song and a dope azz dance go hand in hand! Who know's, the added social media exposure might just help Drake's new song dance it's way to the very top of the charts, just like so many other song/dance collaborations have in the past! Check it out!



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