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TEXT TOPIC: What was the first album you bought with your own money?

My first Record.. yes Record, haha .. was Sheena Easton! OMG I loved that album!!

Don't laugh at me but I was 14 when I bought my 1st cd meatloaf bat out of hell Best one ever

I am old so the first music I bought on my own was a 45 of Dizzy by Tommy Roe

my first purchase I can't remember if it was a CD or cassette but it was Van Halen's jump.

first album, Frankie you might remember these guys, Wasp, Chainsaw Charlie. Save my lawn mowing money for 2 weeks

first album was a cassette. The Bangles "Everything". Bought at K Mart. I'll be 50 next month......

my first album (it was vynal) was Bon Jovi "Slippery When Wet." I still love it today!

my first cd I bought with my own money was when I was 11, it was the phantom of the opera CD set. Bought when I saw them when they first came to slc

my first album I bought on a CD was Hootie and the Blowfish! I listened to that CD over and over I am 40 yrs old:)-- cracked rearview and I was 13

Missy Elliott- under construction album and the queen greatest hits albums. Queen is my favorite band still. Hoo-ra!

Bone Thugz-n-Harmony E. 1999 Eternal. Best Rap group ever.

I think my first tape was Mariah Carey. I believe her first album.

My first cassette,my $, JANET JACKSON CONTROL! 1986! Finally saw her live in 2019!!!! Still awesome

Huey Lewis and the News I wanna new drug

Kiss- lick it up

Never bought a CD, I was born in 98 so an iPod was my first music source!

My first album was Cinderella long cold winter

My first record was Michael Jackson Thriller. Bought it from Musicland that was in the mall in 1982.

first album I bought was Heart... Little Queen. I was about 10. Then MJ ... Off the Wall.... yep I'm old!

I was 9. KNOTB was my first. I had the coolest little teal boombox, and I'd crank this and dance around the house. I saved all my money from collecting cans and purchased at the good ol' Kmart. Those were the days lol.

Ace of Base!!! I am 39 now. I was about 10 then. I thought I was sooooo cool!!

the first CD o bought with my own money. I had to pick between paperboy doing the ditty or snoop dogg doggy style. I thought paperboy would be more popular

my first record was Earth Wind and Fire

My first cassette was Van Halen!

first cassette was Motley Crue Theater of Pain


I bet you can tell I'm in my 20s because I I'm pretty sure the first album I bought was from the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) lol

Eiffel 65 was my first album i bought!

first album. I bought Fleetwood Mac's Rumor and Abba the same day when I was 11. Loved bday money!!

first album bought with me an sister's allowance was Cher Half Breed. I was about 7.

first cd Good Charlotte! Bought it at a yard sale as a kid only had enough for 1 lady ran over let me have them BOTH since I had no clue who they were and

FIrst album "Meet The Beatles" 1965. I was 13. Next was Aretha Franklin's Gold. Played it over and over. My mom was glad I was into classic R&B instead of the popular 60's "acid rock" like Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly and Pink Floyd

First cassette I bought was Ace I'd Base

first album: REM-Automatic for the People Cassette tape

First Tape I ever bought was LA Bouche!! I loved their name it sounds sexy!! They are a French group

Boyz to men and Coolio lol

Madonna Bedtime Stories 1994. Didn't have to buy it, I would play it on repeat at my grandmas house and she eventually gave it to me.

first cd I bought was Brittany Spears one more time in 1999...still can picture the album cover. My mom was not happy I bought it

First Cassette Tape was the ET the Extra Terrestrial Soundtrack from the Movie lol

The first album I REMEMBER buying was AC/DC Back in Black. But I remember getting one from the library in the late 70's and mom said "take the hippy music back" it was Cat Stevens. LOL

Backstreet boys Millennium was the 1st album I purchased 🙌 BACKSTREET BOYS ARE BACK. BTW I still have that CD

my first album was Wilson Phillips I was 5 and sang I to a hair brush.

first cassette I purchased was Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl and I still have the cassette! No way to listen to it, but I still have it

85 at 9 y/o bought Thriller and Stacy Q, Two of Hearts is still a favorite! Love you, Friends! Gina XO

first tape cassette was madonna - true blue.

my first album I bought was the Harry Potter soundtrack. I was a nerd

first album was Mc Hammer and my brother got CC music factory, I was jealous of him.

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