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TEXT TOPIC: Who in your life has terrible table manners?

bad table manners.my friend and her hubs talk SOOOOOO loud I mean ear piercing loud.answer their phones@the table.chew w/their mouth open and SMACK THEIR LIPS

My little sister chews with her mouth open, she keeps her elbows on the table and burps loudly without excusing herself. So fun

My Grandpa. Eats like a navy man. Fast! He's very messy and has no problem blowing his nose at the table and farting the loudest farts when he leaves the table. It's literally not over till the old man blows

my 31 your old brother-in-law. He will take the whole bowl of something during Sunday dinner. Even when no one gets a chance. Then he will eat like the dog and stare at you while chomping away with his mouth open. Idiot!

If the food is good my husband will make Mmmm noises while eating, then he will take his finger and wipe up the drippings and lick it off. Yes he's been told.

the lady at the table behind us blew her nose every five minutes! It was so gross! I couldn't finish my dinner.

have a good friend that always blows her nose at the table after dinner

My brother in law is near 40. He will burp, chew with his mouth open and when he coughs he won't cover his mouth. When we have family dinner his wife has been told she has to get his plate for him so he doesn't cough all over the food.

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