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TEXT TOPIC: Where did you physically get STUCK?

Iceland! My sister and I were drinking a little (a lot). We ran outside away from hotel to see the northern lights. There was a crevasse and my boot got stuck. I could not get my foot out! So we drunkenly laughed and laid in the snow while watching the northern lights. I was able to pull my foot out but not my boot. Walked back to the hotel barefoot, got my boot the next morning. It was hilarious.

Thought it would be a great idea to go through an obstacle course with my grandkids and fell into the foam pit and could NOT get out! Lost my socks and just kept sinking. My son has to come in and pull me out after 30 minutes!! Never again!

I work at a flower shop & I was up on a ladder, but behind me was a bunch of buckets full of water. When I started climbing down I slipped & landed in a bucket my butt was stuck I couldn't quit laughing after I finally got out my butt was bruised for weeks.

when I was 8 years old I was playing on those metal spider gym things and I was hanging upside down and I tried to get down and realized my pants were stuck to a bolt and I couldn't reach it to get it unstuck. Had to wait until recess was over before a teacher realized I needed help!

As a kid I got stuck in the bathroom of a greyhound bus I banged on the door and no one helped. I finally got out and everyone just stared.

i've gotten stuck in two elevators here in Salt Lake. Replace an elevator is a minimum of 59K and 3 to 6 months

got stuck in my sons red & yellow fisher price car & my friend was kind enough to take a picture

When I was 8 months pregnant I was at Taco Bell and sitting at a booth when my son moved am of course I had to use the restroom however he moved in a way that I couldn't get out of the booth- no matter how much pushing I tried to move him/they didn't have a way to unbolt the table had to get a fire truck to have the table removed and of course when the table was off he moved- i waddled to the restroom and never went back lol- of course my ex was laughing and my 2 yr daughter was wondering why we couldn't leave

my hubby and I were in the shower.. you know. We slipped and hubby fell and got stuck between the toilet and shower.

We were in DisneyWorld on the Test Track ride. It got stuck for ten minutes so they let us go again... got stuck again but on a slant for an hour+. So uncomfortable but the worst part is I really had to pee

my husband was trapped in a park restroom! The magnetic lock froze and his phone wouldn't call out! He tried to reach out on Facebook but everyone thought he was kidding! I was finally able to call 911 and they thought I was kidding! The whole crew of emergency vehicles showed up because it was a holiday Sunday morning and they had nothing else to do! So embarrassing! They ended up using an ax to take out the grate in the bathroom door and my husband had to crawl out

My Friend got stuck in an elevator at work downtown, the elevator was basically going up and down the building for a few hours. the repair man had to drive down from Idaho, my friend started calling us all saying "wanna chat i'm bored stuck in an elevator that won't stay still"

when I was 11, I got stuck in the middle of a zip line over trees and a road on Catalina island. Apparently, I didn't weigh enough, sothe trainers had to send two 40lbs bags out and a rope so the guys could have enough weight to reel me without having me slide back

got stuck on the climbing wall at a fun center. I was so scared to get down that the guy had to come get me

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