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TEXT TOPIC: What was THE BEST concert you've been to?

so far it's been the Jonas Brothers in 2019. It was so fun to go with my sisters especially since we all grew up listening to them

Best concert ever. Prince in the mid nineties. I was about 17. 2nd row right in front middle. He was SO talented! Got to see his purple piano and watch him play his funky symbol shaped guitar. After party at Bricks (remember that place?) got to see him play the piano and sing on the rooftop after the show. I'll never forget that concert. Rip Prince

best concert ever was Elton John and billy Joel's first tour together!!

Paul McCartney, hands down. Seen him 3 times and he kills it every time.

when still dating my wife took me to Nickleback, opening was Chevelle, Hinder and Three Days Grace! Best by far to date!

it's a tie between garth brooks and Backstreet Boys!

Best concert I've been to is The Beach Boys. Twice

Pitbull! It was so fun he had so much energy! I didn't stop dancing the entire night!

AJR was my best concert ever! It was epic with all the theatrics

Best concert-Motley crue.

Elton John the last time he was in SLC, I believe right before Covid? I was on the front row, and he put on an incredible show! Davey the guitar player, bent down and handed me his guitar pic!

Afghan whigs! Best live show ever. Frankie if you don't know who they are you should really check them out

Janet Jackson velvet rope. It was amazing

Anything at Usana! Been to Kenney Chesney to Nickleback both were awesome!

Garth brooks 20ish years ago. And Reba 15ish years ago. They are both awesome. And rascal flatts several times.

Janet Jackson, 2019, Vegas.I never sat down!!! 10th Row Center!

best concert, Chris Jansen at country fan fest this last weekend! His energy, his smile, his talent! Blew me away!!

best concert John Denver he played 3 1/2 hours his band took a break he didn't take a break he played in the round he played to every area of the arena just a really great concert

Keith Urban. Seen him twice and he never disappoints! But I'm sure the best one I'm gonna see is coming up when I FINALLY get to see my ALL TIME FAVORITE band OneRepublic, when they come to Tampa in Sept. Was my mother's day gift from my kids. This is Vanessa from FL. Good morning! Love you guys! Tell Frankie to unfriended someone so he can friend me on FB

LINKIN PARK minutes to midnight tour. I definitely had a greater appreciation for this concert after Chester passed. Rest in peace Chester.

Best concert was Journey and Def Leppard. Me and my brother have seen Breaking Benjamin basically everytime they came to salt lake for about 10 years

the best concert I have been to is elton john like 6 years ago when he came to the maverick center. We are going again to see him in LA at dogers stadium in Nov.

Best concert. Rush, they are my favorite so I always love them and I see the pyrotechnics when I hear the songs. Also Pink. She is amazing

The best concert I ever went to was pink! She is super human!

Metallica!!!! Best concert ever! The old dudes still got it!

pink is the best concert I've gone to. I've seen her 4 times and every tour gets better.

best concert Janet Jackson about 27 years ago and any Reba McEntire BEFORE she broke her leg skiing in Utah.

My favorite concert was the monkeys out at lagoon for their 20th anniversary tour back in 1986 I think. I still have the concert button in my collection. A close second is cyberTronics Spree they dress up as transformers and that was in Ogden in 2019

best concert was Ed Sheeran. Hands down. Love me some Ginger Jesus!

best concert was Michael Jackson at Irvine meadows amphitheater in California. Went with my brother right after I had graduated high school. This is Alice from Riverton

My husband says best concert ever was Queens Ryche - Operation Live Crime. Mine- Cher and Janet Jackson! So fun

Linkin Park best concert. Took my husband when we were dating (his First concert) and that was over 20 years ago!!!

best concert, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band @ Shea Stadium in NJ, Aug 1985!

Elton john farewell tour

Blink 182, Green Day, BSB, Gwen Stefani, Britney, Garth, too many good ones

One of my favorite concerts was oneRepublic and Michael Buble they know how to put on a good show.

Rick Springfield I'm seeing him for the 13th time in Sept.but definitely in 1984 at the Salt Palace when I saw him the first time!

my two favorite concerts were me first and the gimme gimmes in a little bar in Orem and blink-182 at Bricks.

I've been to, I'd say 80'ish concerts. Best one was 2013 Mumford & Son's. They played outside behind The Great Saltair. It was phenomenal

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