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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive Text?

Dear Mother Nature...Thank you for the rain. I love it and we need it BUT did you have to let it rain THE DAY AFTER MY DOGS GOT GROOMED! I'm sending you the grooming bill

PAT Couples who go to the grocery store together, and they each have a cart.. CAN YOU NOT?! Can you just be normal and share a cart? The aisles have enough going on already!

are there any decent doctors anymore?? The ones I've gone to, just throw pills at you, to mask your ailment. What happened to being sent to a specialist to help figure out further what's going on, to get answers? It's scary nowadays to go to the Dr.

you already destroyed our marriage by cheating with this girl. And now you are destroying her marriage by continuing to cheat. You both deserve each other but stop dragging her husband through the mud.

hey boss I've been with you for 8 months and the company for 3 1/2 years so why then when the new girl starts she gets the training that was promised to me months ago. Stop making me feel like the outsider red headed step child!

Semi trucks in the fast lane and passing other semi trucks...why are they going so fast but still somehow manage to slow the rest of us down.

dearest millennial employee: I'm not stupid, contrary to what you might believe. Missing on average 4 days a month because you or your child have been "throwing up all night" isn't working anymore. Come up with a different excuse. Or maybe try to gain some work ethic and self respect. Thanks!

u want profitability then get rid of $1M in overly paid not needed positions. Too many top heavy salaries. 2 HR people that do nothing for employees, 1 recruiter-just why?, Marketing, 1 finance mgr too many, oh & you! Start there!

Every business is under staffed, why aren't people taking these jobs, and actually working?? How are people affording gas and groceries??

You had that emotional affair w/ my husband months ago. Im tired of seeing you everywhere. I hate that I see pictures of you with our friends. Can you just go away? I want to heal from this trauma. I was starting to trust again and then BAM there's your face... and im broken. Go away!!

if i hire your small local business to do a complete remodel of a room and give me a quote for the job, I don't think it's ok to say you're charging me extra to change outlets, lights, fan and all the other basic things in the room. I will not recommend your business or hire you again.

if you schedule an appointment and can't make it anymore please let the person know. Multiple times went into the office and client no shows and have two or three hours until next client. Ugh.

Teenagers in Movie Theaters please sit quietly and watch the movie, we don't need a recreation of each scene and running commentary through the whole movie

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