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TEXT TOPIC: What did your parents tell you not to do?

my parents told me not to drive with friends in the car right after I turned 16. I did anyway, hit a car, ulterior smart teens that we were, I left. Almost got a hit & run charge, luckily I didn't but the cops scared the crap out of me. Perfect driving record since

My mom always told me to not slide down the outside stair railings. But when I was away at a summer camp at USU, I decided to do it. I lost my balance and hit my head on stone steps. I blacked out and my head was bleeding. I didn't tell my mom for a bit

told my daughter not to lean over the tub because she could fall in and get hurt (she's 3) she just kept doing it and well she fell and got a goose egg and landed in water. She was so mad but not she doesn't do it anymore

When I was younger, I didn't know what my dads razor was or did and I asked and they said it cuts hair and to not use it. So one day, I was curious and wanted to explore. I ended up shaving one of my eyebrows. Full on eyebrow!! Kept the other one and just walked out with one eyebrow and the terror on my families faces was comical

My mom told me not to date this guy. I didn't listen and within 4 years we got married, had a baby and divorced... should have listened

My mom always told me to put my hair up when I was cooking I decided to go cook her a birthday cake for her birthday well instead of cooking it. the beaters got twisted into my hair because my hair was laying in the cake Max. It hurt.

my son who was 10 at the time was hitting golf balls in the front yard and I told him please don't do that you're going to break a window I hit someone's car we can go to the school and do it later. He said okay and as I walked through the front and shut door I hear very loud crash and our very large dual pain front window was shattered. As I turned around and went outside and saw the fear of God in his eyes all I could do was say this is what I was talking about! Well he wound up spending quite a few Summers paying off that $700 window cost. We still laugh about it.

My family and myself are eating at an Italian restaurant . Was probably about 5 and loved to lean my chair back on the back two legs. Well my mother always told me "don't do that". I don't listen. Sure enough I went back too far and reached for the table to pull me back. All I got was plate full of spaghetti on mu face on the floor!! Listen to your parents!!

When I was about six years old my aunt told me not to touch the Iron. So I touch the Iron ended up with third-degree burns and in the hospital. Definitely a bad idea lol

When my now 21 year old son was younger he and a friend were playing in the backyard. They were wanting to climb a big tree back there, I told them no....over and over. His friend's mom and I had gone up to the front yard and all the sudden the friend comes running screaming. My son had fallen OUT OF THE TREE!! The very tree I had told them a million times not to climb. My heart sank, because it was a tall tree...we ran to the backyard and he was laying on the ground, and wasn't moving. After a few seconds he opened his eyes and tried to set up. I scooped him up and ran him to the ER. Many hours and many tests later, he only had some internal bruising. He was so lucky, afterwards we figured he had fallen about 15 feet. Needless to say, he listened a lot better!!

my brother and I were told to stop playing around before we got hurt, well we didn't stop of course, 30 seconds later I went face first into a glass coffee table and split my lip open all the way to my nose

Kept getting told not to touch the electric fence at my aunt's farm... Didn't listen and woke up hours later in my bed. I don't remember her farm having rhinos, there was no need for that kind of strength!

We we're camping up and had this amazing spot that had a small stream of water running through it. I had told my 5 year old not to drink the water, as she would get very sick. She proceeded to fill a water bottle and chugged it. She ended up getting giardia and was very sick for a long time. When I tell her not to drink something - she listens now!

When I was 8 my brother was 10 and my younger sister was 5. We lived in apartments by a busy street. My parents said never cross the street. My brother and I ran across the street to the other side because the other side was a field to play in. We didn't see but it little sister followed us. She was ran over""literally" by a car. Miraculously she lived saves they were able to save her leg.

I was 14 at 2 am watching tv with my mom and I was cutting a wood heart with a box cutter... obviously my mom told me to not do it but I didn't listen... I cut my finger opening and racing to the ER.

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