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TEXT TOPIC: How did the fire start in your house?

I put a pop tart in the toaster the wrong way and the toaster caught on fire. My mom lost a paper towel holder and some ugly wallpaper so I kind of did her favor

The apartment behind my Indy home a whole section burned down because the drug dealer didn't want to get caught came back to get the drugs that was in the safe in the cops got it

My car caught on fire and my garage in the middle of the night the fire damage was solely the garage however the smoke damage was my entire house they had to gut the entire thing down to studs

My father-in-law put some toast in the toaster and then left to work and forgot about it. The toast never popped and it started the kitchen on fire. Luckily my sister-in-law woke up from a nap and was able to catch it before it burnt the whole house down. They had to redo their entire kitchen

We was having a Christmas party at my house when my sister's neighbor called and said your house is on fire. They did not clear the lint in the dryer burn the house down and they were out at their house for over a year. They had to live with her husband's mother

I put some eggs in a pot to boil and went back upstairs to work. I work from home. Forgot to set a timer. Around an hour later I started to smell something burning. Opened the door to thick smoke floating up from downstairs. Not knowing what it could possibly be, I Run downstairs to find yolk splattered all over the kitchen floor and ceiling! A couple eggs had EXPLODED like grenades and one was still in the pot on fire! Luckily the fire stayed in the pot. Have you ever smelled exploded eggs!? Horrid!

my stepdad built a robot. A few years ago it was charging in the garage, and a spark happened that caused the fire. Neighbors called the fire department, but when my mom got home the entire garage was up in flames. The smoke carried into the house and we lost so many childhood things.

When we were kids, my family was military brats living in Germany. We lived on the second and third floor od a 3 story walk up. At the time. You could buy fireworks year round in Germany at the time. My brother, who isn't more than 7 or 8, gets a hold of some and decided to light them off where no one will see: under his covers on his bed. My mom smelled it right away and there was a sink in his room, but his bed frame, mattress, pillow, and blankets, and a hand stitched toy from our then deceased great grandma, didn't make it.

(How not to start a fire indoors) don't use one of those little acetilene Torches to start a fire in the fireplace. an Uncle of mine did this and the valve on the Torch was faulty and exploded while trying to start a fire one day House was a total loss.

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