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TEXT TOPIC: Have you been mistaken for a kid?

when I was student teaching I was working in an elementary school. I forgot my lunch and had to run back to the classroom to get it. A teacher told me not to run in the hall cuz she thought I was a student. In elementary school! I was 21!

I was at Smiths buying baby food, with my 1 year old. The cashier said it was terrible that I had to take on so much responsibility raising a younger sibling, and my mom should be ashamed. I was 29!

I am in my 40's and people think I'm ypunger than I am but when I had my first I was 25 and graduated from college but they thought I was a teen mom at the hospital. A few years later when was raising little kids if I answered the door they would ask "is your mom home". At that point I was closer to 30.

so I look like I'm 18 I'm short 5'2 anyways, my husband and I went to the bar with some friends and I had 3 different servers ask for my id. 3 DIFFERENT TIMES BY 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE

I'm 35, 5"1' tall, my son is 5, people always think I'm his big sister or nanny. Constantly getting called sweetie and hun by people my own age!

I get told all the time that I don't look old enough to have kids that are 21,19 n 14. People think I am my daughter's sister, rather than mom. My husband looks young for his age as well and our kid's friends tell us all the time we don't look old enough to have kids their age lol. What can I say, we have good genes

Went to Vegas for my 21st birthday went into the liquor store and the guy thought I was 14 but gave me a shot because it was my birthday anyway

Hey F & J. It's Hailey and Seth. When I'm not wearing makeup, my neighbors think my husband is my dad. I'm 33. He's 36.

my husband and I went to meet the wedding photographer. My second marriage his first we were both mid 30’s. Photographer asks my husband where he goes to school. He’s like um I did go to the U. Photographer continues and says whose parents are paying for this?

I was buying alcohol in a chevron & the lady told me they were making bets that I was legal or not because they didn't think I was.

I am in my late 40’s my middle son is 19 I get mistaken for his girlfriend when I am with him.

hubby looks so young. He was going to a collage that was close to a high school. So high schoolers went there for experience. Well, one high schooler asked him what grade he was in. At the time he was 28, we had been married for 5 years, and just had our first child! I'm going to look so much older than him that booger

I got mistaken for a kid from Jess. She asked my husband if he married me when I was 12

I'm 5'1" worked as a teachers assistant in my mid 20s other teachers always thought I was a student (it was K-6th grade) until they saw my badge

I have a baby face and when I'm out with my 28 year old son he gets so mad cuz people think I'm his girlfriend

Was at my kids high school & got tapped on the shoulder by a teacher that I needed to get back to class.

went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and the hostess asked if we were celebrating anything. I said our anniversary. She asked how long? I said 16 years and she did a double take. I'm late 30s.

We we're in Vegas for a KISS concert. Standing in line to get in & my hubs was talking to a couple and they thought I was his daughter. Awkward. Same trip went to the M&M store going to try new samples. They wouldn't let me try without having a parent w/ me. I'm 4"11 & 37. I've also been asked if I want a kids menu @ restaurants

hey guys, I'm 51, my 24 yr old daughter was asked is that your boyfriend. Eeew!

when my first grandson was born my husband took his our daughter out to lunch everyone kept staring at them then the server said what a cute baby my husband said vey loudly this is my grandson and my daughter.

My daughter is 36 years old and I went to a doctor appointment with her for her little girl, my grand daughter. The doctors kept talking to me rather than to her, she was getting extremely annoyed that they weren't addressing her when she's the mom. A few weeks later we went to another appointment and they were like oh you brought your sister with you this time. We all three looked at each other like what? None of us are sisters. She hates going anywhere with me because everybody thinks that we are either sisters or I am the mother to her children. I Started a new job recently and asked me how many children I have and how old they are. I said they range from age 20 to 36, I have 5 and then you should watch their jaws drop to the floor. Then when I tell them I have eight and counting grandchildren they look at me and say how old were you and you got married like 8? The worst is going into relief society and being told "oh honey the young women meet down the hallway." Really???

when I was 22 and my husband was 23, we went into a gas station and ran into a gal my husband knew but didn't know well. She didn't know his age and pointed to me and said "is this your daughter" he told her I was his wife but then realized he better let her know our ages. She said she thought he was 40 and I was 14.

I was 24 when my son was in kindergarten. Anytime I went to get him and someone was new or helping I was always asked if I was his sister or babysitter

People always think my g- kids are my kids..

I was at the bank with my now ex husband and the teller asked if he'd checked me out of school to spend the day together. I was in my mid thirties!

was at working helping a customer to their car and she's making small talk. The fall semester for college had recently started and the customer was asking about it. Then started asking if high school was a big adjustment over junior high..... "umm I'm in college"

I'm 35 and a teacher. Got yelled at in the hallway by an assistant principal telling me I'm late for class. As soon as I turned around they looked mortified.

I am 39 and my oldest son is 21, had him at 18. When we are somewhere without my husband, people ask if I am his girlfriend. Also most the time people assume I am barely 30....I've had 5 kids!

I also got asked to wait in the waiting room at the dentist while they took my kids back. The dental assistant then asked my daughter, so where is your mom? And my daughter said you told her to wait outside. She came running out apologizing, she thought I was the nanny, and was shocked I was even old enough to have kids let alone 3. We laughed about it and I love that dentist office.

I have an 18 year old son, and same as the voice message caller, going into school when my son was 16, the office person would be rude and not help me right away, until I was like I'm trying to check my son out, she was in shock and remembered me the rest of the school year. But my favorite was I went to a concert with my son. All ages, mostly 16+ kids there. And a kid came up to me asking what's the relationship between me and my son, asking if we are just friends or dating. I said he's my son! The kid was in such disbelief he told me to prove it. Thought I was kidding until my son pulled up a pic of us when he was baby. Kid thought I was 17. I was 33 at the time

in our friends kitchen when a bunch of teens came in. They were talking about stuff and when I chimed in they panicked and said we thought you were a kid..I joked and said take care of your skin!

i was 30 yrs old when I took my 15 yr old daughter to get permit. Turned in the application to the gal at the DMV and she said okay all we need is your mom. I looked around wondering if she was talking to someone else lol and i said ummm I'm mom

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