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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Radar Wednesday! What is on YOUR Radar?

Life After Death –Tyler Henry – Netflix

The Store- Chicken Pot Pie

Flight Attendant – Season 2

Hungry Root home food delivery

Base Culture Sweet Banana Bread

Prevail Beef Jerky

The Bear on Hulu. It’s with the guy who played Lip on Shameless. It’s about his brother who died and left him a restaurant to run. The episodes are only 30 min so super easy to watch.

On my radar is the podcast and that's why we drink it's a true crime/paranormal podcast. And another one thing thats on my radar is The series Penny dreadful if you like Dracula and Frankenstein old style it's really good I'm not sure if it's still on Netflix or not but it might be on Hulu

on my radar the podcast Solvable-about a baby Jane Doe found dead in a river

Love ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING! Just started watching it and I'm so glad there is a season two

I love Chillhop and Lofigirl on Youtube. I have adhd and having it in the background helps me focus

On my radar is The Boy Meets World Podcast it's called Pod Meets World! It is so awesome and nostalgic!

Shania Twain's documentary, guess I'll be on a Shania albums kick for the next little while. New Balance shoe store in Fort Union, great athletic shoes, new "post" support shoes for those w low arches. Best arch support shoes I've found for long distance exercise walking! The Old Man w Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow

On my radar is the new Shania Twain documentary on Netflix. "Not just a girl" Soo good! Love you guys! Thank God your back! I always feel lost when you take time off lol

What's on your radar- Colleen Hoover Books. Verity is my favorite so far!

we stopped at Dough Zone in Portland while on the way to the coast. Super affordable and authentic soup dumplings. Seriously so good, we went twice.

IG account @itslennnie has cute inspiring videos with an animated ghost. (idk how to describe it because you'll have to watch it to understand lol)

On my radar: Sheena Melwani's first original song Better. So good!

radar: Skye Dahl on Spotify. New song Doormat. Damn! Inspiration right there All of her music really... she's awesome!

ikea bags for moving!! You can get ones that zip closed (or open), and you can vary heavy stuff!! Plus, easy to store and use again

what’s on my radar is my business. Left my 9-5 making decent money and started my own business in Feb, taught myself a trade and now run a million $ business. Dream big.

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