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TEXT TOPIC: Happy PAT :) What is your Passive Agressive Text?

baby boy you are my only child I have accompanied you thru hell a card is the least you could do

Stop moving to utah we are full and out of water.

Dear professor, if you tell your students what chapters will be tested on in an exam, it's really awful to make half the questions be on material that wasn't in the chapters YOU specified

to my higher-ups at work, maybe the reason our volume of work is “low” is because you went and hired a bunch of people and the volume didn't get better like you thought it would

To my friends and family, I promise I'll tell you when we’re getting married but for now, PLEASE STOP ASKING

Smokers, dispose of your cigarettes properly. Use the ashtray in your car or find one if your on foot. You all nasty!

My complaint today is construction crews who don't turn the lane closed sign when they aren't working. Everyone is still merging until they finally realize the lane is open.

dear lazy co-workers, I'm reaching the last of my patience with you all. I can't keep picking up your slack and let u coast, come check in and out and collect meanwhile I get all the workload myself. The fact that neither one of you tries by asking questions, or showing any effort is killing me and making my work life miserable. Been looking at other options, because is THAT BAD

I'd like to say to the neighbor who shot and killed my dog karma will get you. I wish you would have come and talk to us before taking fatal measures. You took away a family member And my boys are traumatized from seeing that.

I am so sick of "The mother in laws" being the monster. How about its the daughter in law. I bite my tongue on some occasions for my sons sake, She's the beastly daughter in law!!!

Idiot when your in the turn lane on Redwood and 21st So and a Semi is turning Right onto Redwood wait until both vehicles are turned before you attempt a Uturn (the guy almost side swiped me) luckily I saw him before hand as he quickly turned into Dee's on 21st

Just because you're my dad doesn't mean I have to let you treat me this way, we're all human and deserve respect

I'm still not over it with the neighbors that do not do anything with their yards living on a full acre five years now and have still done very minimal with the yard it's all weed it's very frustrating

You have me for 3 more days. How about stop having people work from home when we are even more short staffed.

dear companies, u need to start appreciating people that have been with u for 2 decades. Paying a new sup $28 hour vs one that has been a sup for 15 years, knows everything in and out only making $22, I'd a slap in the face. You may lose the last good sup you had.

it finally happened, your problem kid has permanently ruined our relationship. I will be filing for divorce today. Hope she is worth it.

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