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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Aggressive Tuesday!

Babe I love you so much but you constant lateness is driving me crazy! I shouldn't have to constantly prompt you along! I am beyond exasperated!

it's hot, drought, dry, STOP w/ the fireworks, target practice and camp fires!!! OMG, common sense people!

Utah - learn how to drive!!!!!!!!!!

thanks Mom, I was on the fence about whether to invite you to the wedding but after your behavior during the divorce the last couple months you've confirmed that you will be nowhere near our wedding. Have a nice life

to piggyback off the fireworks stop target practicing out in the west desert or up in the mountains they cause the fires too

to the neighbor that said my dog attacked their child resulting in my dog sitting at the pound in quarantine for the last week......I found a neighbor with a camera that proves you lied. You have an aggressive breed yourself, karma--and to the animal control officer that took my dog when nobody witnessed this "attack", how come I had to be the one that found video proof it didn't happen? You can just take a dog, a family member, without checking into the claim?

If you're mad/upset about something just tell me what's going on. Brooding about it just makes me mad and then I get in your negative mood.

my POS sister in law finally left the country yesterday. Type of person to ask everyone for favors and money but blows people off once she gets what she wants. Good riddance!

come on neighbor that waters his lawn at least every other night. Then proceeds to spray it down with the hose and sprays off the sidewalks and driveway! IT'S A DROUGHT MF!!

When you exit the hov lane you're entering the fast lane people. Don't cut people off! Match the speed!!!

People, wait until you are ready to order your Uber!!!

I have a Coworker that calls in EVERY MONDAY!!! Don't party hard on the weekend if you can't be an adult and show up on Monday morning!

High fives were given by every family member when my brother and his wife announced that they are divorcing! See ya salty bitch

passive/aggressive is to all the big TV Execs and Producers, how many more Cop/ Law Enforcment Type shows do we need on TV they all have the same premise basically and the acting is so corny and predictable at times.

hey bio mom, I'm sorry that you have to take a bus back from your trip but telling me your sob story isn't going to make me offer to pay or help you get home. We don't have any relationship and I do not feel bad for you enjoy your ride

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