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TEXT TOPIC: Which celeb can you NOT stand?

can't stand Taylor Swift, think she's mediocre as a singer at best and she plays the victim too much

Jay Z, don't care for him. He is just meh. Cardi B, many reason my dislike.

can't stand Nicolas Cage...hate every movie he is in. He's a horrible actor and makes we want to drive a pencil through my temple any time I hear him speak! I also dislike Camilla Cabello...cute girl...hate her singing! Ok...I'm done!

Sean Penn and Jane Fonda. 🤮. A couple of do nothing wanna be activists.

(Sorry Jess) for me it's the kardasians. Just don't care about them. Guess I missed that train for some reason

I can't stand Beyoncé, no idea why, she is so overrated

I can't STAND Pete Davidson! No redeeming qualities! Def missed the line 4 looks, no real talent but getting tats! But gets the girls. Ugh!

Tom cruise! I will not support his destructive religion. Taylor swift. She is always a victim.

Literally all of the infamous Kardashian's!

Miley Cyrus only famous because of her family.

can't stand Tom cruise! What is the appeal of him?!

Owen Wilson and Winona Ryder

Beyoncé sucks. Very overrated

Miranda lambert

cannot stand Billie eilish. No reason just don't lol

The celebrity's that bugs me are Tom Cruise, Beyonce, ALL the Kardashians, and Jessica Biel... hahaha.

can't stand Deb in Dexter either.

cannot stand AdamSandler.#sorry not sorry he is annoying AF, his movies are so childish and his laugh makes me want to shove pencils in my ears

you won't like this, but Will Farrell is NOT funny! His "comedy" is not for me. Elf? Worst. Movie. I. Have. EVER. Seen! We would have walked out if we weren't with friends!

My husband really dislikes Keira Knightley. He can't come up with a real reason. Just doesn't like her

can't stand Lizzo I am not sure why but when her song comes on I change the channel. I also can't stand Justin Bieber, he is the ultimate man child

can't handle that Mr. Bean guy. He literally grosses me out.

Christian Bale hate him!! No reason really he just sucks!

The Chicks! Just preform, and stop airing your dirty laundry through your concerts!! JUST SING!! It's like it's the "Natalie" show!

Can't stand Whoopi and Demi Lovato

can't stand Rosie O'Donnell. Her politics her unprofessionalism and all-around personality!!

sorry to tell you Frankie but Steve Martin is so annoying I can't even!!!! And Will Ferrell...not funny!!

don't care for drew Barrymore. Her chin is so round and she talks slow

cannot STAND Taylor Swift. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Listener Juan. There is something about Adam Levine that doesn't hit me right. Good singer but he just seams a bit stuck-up, my bff says Harry styles. He likes his music, but he feels like he's going to ruin the MCU after his cameo in externals.

don't care for Adele. Her voice aggravates me. And her face even more!

The lady that played Meredith in the parent trap! Can't stand her

can’t Stand Bruce Dern. He killed John Wayne and the Cowboys and I can’t stand him ever since then

can't stand Taylor swift. All of her songs are always so overplayed

Zoe Dachannel is a bad actor. She's the same character in every show she's in

cannot stand Winona Rider! We finally jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon and I don't know if I can finish it because of her acting. I hope the creepy thing takes her to the upside down!

Oprah. She's one of Satan's minions.

hate Tom Cruz, Collin Farrell, the curly hair red head on Seinfeld that makes fun of Jerry. Hate her.

Can't stand TOM BRADY! (Technically he's a celeb lol)

I can't stand Scarlett Johansson, I don't get with a big thing is about her. I can't even watch any of the movies that she is in she just irritates me

celebs that bug the guy who does the voice of the parrot in Aladdin. Can't stand his voice!

it’s Little No’s X. No real reason but he’s just so over the top and his music bugs me. Can’t really put my finger on he's just so cringy I always change his songs immediately

Can't stand Channing Tatum he can't act I'm sorry. Its really hard to watch him in movies

Can't stand Halle Berry!

jack black. His humor just isn't my thing... won't even watch most of his movies

Cillian Murphy- idk why he bugs me so much. Maybe because he looks like a toenail

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