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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

if you're going to your friends wedding at least stay for the whole thing. Don't be rude just so you can set up camp and get wasted early

hey coworker, you're a piece of crap. You fool everyone but not me. I can tell you want to be better than me but you constantly show your shortcomings. You are entitled and I'm sorry I worked my butt off to get where I am, maybe you should try hard work too.

if you could get your shiz together that would be great ! Lost a package that I needed for a trip this weekend !

when ur having a bad day & I reach out to see if ur ok & u say you'll txt me bck & never do..know that is my last attempt to be friends with your selfish stuck up self

HUBBY GET OVER IT ALREADY. The anger you have is consuming you and eating away at your mental health. Get counseling, or get over it.

I had my dog, kids, nieces and nephews out for a nice walk on a trail. While I was picking up poop I looked up to see a lady on a bike eyeing the kids. I said "Stay to the right everyone!" She pedaled past me and rudely said "Right?" Like the kids were a problem! Bikes should ALWAYS yield to pedestrians on trails you rude lady!

Hey boss. The fastest way to lose good employees is to let us watch you tolerate the bad ones. Having your other employees call me over to their department several times a day because someone is having an "episode"and can't do the work or is mentally not in the place to do work at this time is disrespectful inconsiderate and will get me walking out the door.

people SLOW down in neighborhoods and in parking lot crosswalks. So many people out (especially kids doing back to school shopping) just be aware and look ahead of you not down at your phone

How did we get to paying almost double the wages for starting jobs but getting a huge drop in customer service. Shouldn't they be happier? I did not get a 75% to 100 % raise.

don't want anyone to drive faster than they feel safe...but...if we needed to slow down at a curve there would be a lower speed sign. Keep your speed!

Dear companies, if your door says you open at 8AM and Google says you open at 8:30AM and it's 8:35AM and no one is there, do you really want business?

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