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TEXT TOPIC: What did you do with the ring when you broke up?

I sold my ring on ksl and used the money to pay off my student loans. A year later I found the guy who bought my ring, on tinder. That ring is cursed. He asked if I wanted to but it back

I have two rings. One I purchased so I turned it into a right hand ring and the other I have sitting in my jewelry box. I tried to return it but it's fake so.....

kept my ring from my ex husband to save for our daughter... but he threw his ring at me and almost hit me in the face when I was kicking him out for his infidelity.

My POS ex husband asked for the ring back, it was not an heirloom or anything like that. He's just, well, terrible. As soon as he left I sold it on worthy. Didn't care how much I got. I was happy to get rid of it.

held on to the ring until I was ready to take it off. put all of the cards from all flowers, and little notes from the other person in a baggie all torn up and gave it back and said these are for you. Good Bye.

kept the ring after the divorce, gave it to my son to use for his girlfriend. He was nervous that it was "cursed" but used the diamond. The jeweler even gave them a credit for the metal from the setting. Well, they're now getting divorced, so he might've been right!

I've been divorced for 7 yrs. I'm saving my wedding ring for my daughter. When she's ready we'll reset it to what she wants!

tried to hawk the wedding ring, turns our it was all face the stones and the metal. I turned it into a necklace. The small side stones "diamonds" and the metal "white gold" weren't even enough to pay the the setting to hold the stone "Emerald" and chain I wear it on days when I need to remember not to take shiz from anyone

Good morning my ex husband of 10 yes cheated on me and gave my wedding ring to the girl he cheated on me with

We had just bought an expensive split king adjustable bed. I hated the thought of him sleeping comfortably every night while I was stuck with a ring I can't wear. I left the ring and TOOK THE BED while he was at work.

still have the ring but I'm thinking of pawning it. Only issue it's engraved!

rings. I saved them an went the kids turned 18 I reset the diamond in a necklace for my daughter and the metal was inflated in new ring for son. They say their favorite gift ever and made them both cry

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