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TEXT TOPIC: Your significant other does something that is super overdone?

My husband rolls his eyes whenever we're at Texas Roadhouse and while waiting in line before being seated, I ask the host if the rolls we're standing by are "waiting in line" rolls.

my husband (and now my kids) whenever I ask "why?" They ALWAYS answer "because why not" and I HATE IT!!!

my husband does the peewee herman laugh all the time. It's so irritating

whenever we go to a restaurant and I ask for a side of ranch my husband always says to the waitress just bring an iv bag full of ranch for her

my husband starts talking to me the lyrics of songs playing on the background. Sometimes I'm so confused on wth is he talking about until I pick up that is the song playing at the time. He just does it so naturally and poker face that totally throws me off over and over again. 11 years together and counting

my boyfriend says phrases like "cool as Shiz" or "funny as Shiz" it drives me crazy, "Shiz" is not cool or funny! It's poop! But I do love that word when used correctly haha

if my spouse says something that is a music lyric I will start singing the song. She HATES it but I can't stop lol

my husband Cameron the one you met while working the construction in your building does the most annoying maniacal 😈 laugh whenever he wins at something or just to simply annoy me. Also, when ever I'm telling a story I happen to say " k so," and he will interrupt me and say "what about cheese" and it always makes me loose my train of thought.

When me and the hubs go out, when we're done and the server asks if we want dessert, he'll point to me and say he already brought it. 😂 Some of the reactions are hilarious but most the time it's so dumb and embarrassing

it’s my husband every time before his morning constitutional he will say “ the coffees kicking in” lol why every time? We both work from home too so now it’s just part of my daily life:)

My husband started it and now my kids do the same thing! Ugh #1 if I'm taking and say "K, so" he yells "cheese!" Cause I said queso.... Yeah, stupid! #2 if I ask him to call my phone cause I've miss placed it. He yells "Christy's phone" instead of actually calling my phone. Love him but seriously,?!

Anytime my husband gets ID'd he always says to the person "I sure hope I look like that guy" as he's handing over his ID. I just expect it at this point.

He always says: “that was my nickname in high school"

my husband always starts singing "what can I saw except you're welcome" from Maui and Moana when he thinks I should tell him you're welcome. It's not funny anymore!

Hubby always jokes around with all our friends that he's "king of the fruit flies " (referencing his junk) and it wasn't funny 18 yrs ago and isn't now

My husband ALWAYS says. When the cashiers asks if they want a bag he says why am I that ugly. They don't know how to take it

when we are at a store and my husband is being annoying I always ask the cashier if they want a free husband 😂 I think it's funny

my husband used to manage a bunch of teenagers at Old Navy, he came home with words like "totes" as in, totes adorbs 🙄😂 he's 40 and he still says it! And he hasn't had that job in more than 5 years!

Every time my husband farts he always say damn barking spiders and stomps on the floor. My 2 little boys do it now

My hubby and I will to a movie and if there is a funny scene he will let out the loudest Dracula laugh and everyone in the theater just stares at him. He drags out the laugh. It's so embarrassing!!

If I'm talking to my husband about doing something at a certain time he always makes this joke. I will say some thing like we need to leave between 3:40-4:00 and then he will say 3:44 is a pretty exact time. So stupid! I'm trying to give him a range of time and he thinks it's funny when he says it's an exact time.

When somebody says they are All Done with something. My husband will always say "that's my dads name too! (Alden) His dad says "oh that's my name too! Or no I'm Alden, who are you"

my daughters are taking medical courses. They taught my husband that the extra skin on your elbow is called your wenis. Therefor my husband loves to grab the skin on the end of your elbow. He thinks he is funny. I just stare at him. If you do it to him he tells you to help yourself.

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