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TEXT TOPIC: Why did you get reported to HR?

I got reported to HR for getting my nails done on the clock. The problem is not only did I not do it I don't even get my nails done.

was a manager at a restaurant. I make sure policies and procedures are done correctly. I had an employee who literally wouldn't do anything. I'd correct her and show her the correct way. I did it with every employee. She went to hr stating I was making her suicidal because of me talking to her. I then wasn't allowed to talk to her. I fought it. It's my job.

told one of my reps she was under performing, on personal calls for hours. She went to HR and told them I was selling drugs at work

my wife works for a great company but they can't have pics on there desk and other items for same reason. Dummies being offended

had a coworker report me to HR for having a black rifle coffee cup. Ironically black rifle is in the news now for their partnership with the Dallas cowboys right now.

I was turned into HR for bringing a ball gag to a white elephant event. It was completely anonymous, they never found out it was me, but the white elephant portion of our Christmas party was cancelled moving forward.

someone turned me into HR for sexual-harassment because I showed my tattoo to the owners daughter (she was 18 at the time) she asked me to show her since she was interested in getting a tat l. it was on my upper arm. It is a yoda tat. Non offensive at all.

coworker and I were reported to HR for talking about our kids' run ins with law enforcement. It made someone "uncomfortable "

I was called into a room by my boss once because one of my team members complained about me and another girl on the team hanging out after work, without her. I was asked not to talk about us hanging out in the office, because her feelings were hurt that I was better friends with the other team member.

I was called into HR twice because another employee and I applied for the same promotion and I received it. The employee went to HR to complain that my boss was sexist and racist. Then they turned around and complained that I was discriminating against them for race and age. Both allegations were dismissed and they tried to sue our company. That was also dismissed.

got called in because a verbal alternation with a coworker who was offended about me being proud my husband served in the army and my brother was a marine. They called my family murderers who deserved to die for interfering in other countries politics. I said they were entitled to their opinion, but should refrain from being so judgemental towards the people who fight for their freedom. They went to hr about me 'using colorful expletives' which i did not. Sadly for that person, my organizing is fully pro veteran and they got in trouble after i produced a witness to our conversation about veterans.

Someone went to HR about me because they were eating Mexican food in the hallway and when I walked by I said smells like Mexican in here. Apparently the scent of Mexican food was racist

I was reported to HR by an older coworker(50) I was 22 at the time for not wanting to be friends outside of work.

got turned I'm to security for having a photo of gang members in my cubicle. It was my sons in navy dress shirts, light blue ties & their sister in a light blue dress. The same female also said I had weapons in my van. It was a mini bat we used on the piñata the day before. I still had part of it with candy in it. I was escorted to my vehicle & it was searched by an armed guard.

I wore a dress once to work with patterned tights. I was pulled into my bosses office and told not to wear the tights anymore because someone complained I looked like a sex worker

Everyday when I would come to work, my family photos had pieces of paper taped of them. I would uncover the photos and finally asked my boss about it. She said that the woman next to me was offended of my photos. I was baffled, they were all photos of my kids. Turns out she was offended that my husband didnt have a shirt on in one of them. The picture didnt even show his nipples!!! So I started making shirts and different accessories out of post it notes to put on him everyday. I guess when I put stars on the portion where his nipples would have been I pushed it too far, she complained that I was poking fun at her and I was forced to take the photo down. Little PSA.....Everyone HAS NIPPLES! And if ya go to a pool you will see a ton of them lol

A girl i worked with reported me for my face. She said Although I wasn't saying or doing anything to her verbally my face was and it made her uncomfortable. My boss pulled me in and I had to have one on ones with him for 3 months weekly on how i was doing with my face and if I had improved on my expressions and making efforts with it.

I got turned into HR by two girls who didn't like that I didn't talk at work or involve them in my conversations. They said I wasn't being fair and nice enough. I spend a lot of time on the phone and with headphones is when I am busy, and HR asked me to create more conversations with them so they don't feel left out anymore.

no joking i got pulled into an office with two bosses cause one was mad that i was too happy in the morning. He said i was deliberately being happy to piss him off. After that i would frown when i saw him. Lol

I work with a girl who would email HR daily about people. Didn't like how people chewed gum, clicked pens, perfume, music being on..you get the idea. Finally HR said enough and she got written up.

Anonymously reported to HR for using the F word in a private conversation outside of the office after hours. Then reported for having a glass of wine at a bar after hours at the hotel on a business trip. I quit after the second report.

About 10 years ago a co worker was called in to HR because on team Jersey day the number on her jersey was 69 and someone complained stating that number is sexual and that they were offended. Lots of football players have that number. Who's mind was in the gutter?

I was told to not wear certain blouses because where I sat men could see down my shirt when they came to MY desk… their wives were complaining

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