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TEXT TOPIC: Tell us about your accidental indecent exposure! Oops!

brother exposed me last year when I had second degree burns, had a night dress on but no undies and he lifted up the sheet to show everyone my burns

I flashed an entire beach when a wave sucked me u get when boogie boarding. Couldn't see or hear anything when I came out of the water. Oh, and my bro-in-law saw, and I'm A LOT bigger than my sister. That swim suit was gone shortly after.

in high school, I participated in competitive swimming and I remember wearing multiple swimsuits because they were all getting thin. I bent over to start the race, swam the race, got out of the pool and realized that despite having on multiple swimsuits, there was a massive hole, in all of them, right were my bum hole is. So, I really gave the timers behind the starting locks a big show.

In my early 20's at a packed pool party on the East Side having a great time. It's now dark, water is chilly, we're all starting to get out of the pool... Unbeknownst to me my swimsuit draw strings came untied and when I pushed myself up out of the pool my swimsuit ended up down to my knees. Of course at that moment when I looked up everyone's pointing and laughing. Emphasis on cold water

My sister used to be a model and once got invited to a private beach for the day. Decided to do some tanning and undid her top for the tan lines, laying face down. A fellow model pokes her to point out Ashton Kutcher on the beach. She sits full up forgetting her top is undone, and her sisters slide right out, right as Ashton is looking. She said she can never watch his vids without remember and being embarrassed.

My boss sent the group chat of 10 a pic of his weekend in Wendover. So picture the rooms with the mirrors on the walls in the background, his wife, full nude lol. Work was awkward for a while after

When I was about 50 years old I was seating in A hot tub in Las Vegas, I got up to go a crossed the pool to get my towel and a hot tub shredded my swimming suit which showed my whole butt. Had no idea that it was shredded till my boyfriend told me

during the begging of covid we did zoom church and we could see everyone in their homes watching too, my friend was LISTENING (chose not to have his camera on) while showering. His young son thought it would be funny and turned his camera on! My friend Walked by the camera completely naked! Showered and got out and was drying off when he realized it was on, held up the towel and slowly moved out of view. The whole church saw him naked! Kids were like... mommy theirs a naked guy on TV. Lol

was in high school and we were at Weber State Invitational and I was up for the 200m race. I stepped in front of my blocks pre race routine and so I'm ready to officially step into my blocks I grab the sides of my sweats and pull down all the way to my feet not realizing I've grabbed to high and have pulled my shorts down as well. It wouldn't have been as horrifying had I had underwear on but our track shorts had the netting inside like a swim suit. I was like deer in headlight as I stand there looking and I see two pieces but not registering why I have two pieces of clothing and why the stands are laughing and clapping Thank God cellphones weren't invited but my girlfriend took a still (that required having them developed at a store) and it was part of the Senior reel for graduation as they played The Streak by Ray Steven's!!!

In HS I dove off my best friends boat at Lake Powell in my 2 piece. When I came up I was topless. Who was at the water...my friends DAD!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Peep show from a minor. 😂 Embarrassing

was at the beach on a family vacation with a storm brewing off the coast so the waves were really big. I got destroyed by some waves, throwing me around like a washing machine. When I finally found the surface I stood up, top was around my waist and my tots are out. 3 teenage boys are a few feet away from me with their mouths wide open as I mutter, "holy shit". I walked away with a sweet sand helmet

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