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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar???

Taylor Carpets

The Closet Butler

Stranger Things – Season 4

Outlander! I'm obsessed! That's all I feel like I talk about I just keep re-watching episodes I've already seen I haven't even finished the series yet. I'm so excited about it

"Mormon no more" on Hulu! A must watch, especially if you are in or have a family member, friend etc in the LGBTQ community!

The Challenge USA on CBS!!! Can't wait These people aren't going to know what hit them when TJ takes over

what's on my radar is Burn Boot Camp! Best workouts I've ever done and unbeatable community. Plus child care!!! Been a member for a few months now.

Snowflake Mountain on Netflix.

My name is Jacob Batista. my new obsession has been my job! I have wanted to be a software engineer for YEARS, probably since I was 12. Just turned 22 and got my first software engineering job. Every day of work is a blast, doing something I'm actually passionate about. It's been a real change in terms of how I feel about working and makes the week go way smoother.

started Mormon No More on Hulu last night and it's gooood

This one is Jess' fault. I looked up the video about the excavator accident in Utah Lake last week and fell upon this you tube channel HeavyDSparks. It's more like an obsession now, I keep binging episodes. I may be late to when you doing the game if watching, but it is now my guilty pleasure

what on your radar Went to the earth wind and fire and santana concert. If they ever come back thats a concert not to miss loved every bit if it. And here I am killing it at work on 3 hours of sleep

The Mad Moose in Eden! I Yummy food, fun place! Patio dining too!

what's on my radar is los tapatíos. Birria tacos with the broth dip and Birria ramen 🍜. It's located on 3252 w. 3500 s. In west valley. You won't be disappointed 10/10 birria tacos.

to go along with the Warren Jeffs Netflix documentary, an outstanding interview on Mormon stories podcast with a man that lived that Warren Jeff's nightmare! "Growing up in polygamy" Sam & Melissa Zitting Wyson!! EXCELLENT interview!!!

listener Ashlee again. I just wanted to make a plug for blood donations. I work at ARUP and if you're able to donate blood this week it would be much appreciated. 4th of July weekend is typically one of the busiest weekends of the year in people needing blood donations.

on my radar family foothill clinic mainly Anna Everett PA she is the first doctor who's actually caring about my heart rate (in the 30's or shoots up to 120+) and a murmur. She did ekg and now that I'm have other symptoms such has dizziness and passing out she sent a referral to a cardiologist and hoping I can get in soon. I've had a low heart rate and murmur my whole life but she's the first that has taken it serious

Don Pedro's in Heber. Best Mexican food. We hit it every time we go through Heber now.

stranger things! I am on season 4 and I am totally hooked. I started watching it 2 weeks ago and I am Almost done with the show.

Frankie you do need to get Hulu and watch Candy. You'd love it. We watched it and were left wanting more. Its a mini series with only 5 episodes, but it's so good. There's a special guest that we had to chuckle about, that makes an appearance as well.

The music artist BLÜ EYES has some fire music!!! Stuck In My Head is one of my fav songs of hers.

on my radar, inside a killers mind and American tragedy on freevee.. about columbine

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