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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive Text?

passive aggressive text: Ladies please quit talking during the movie and looking at your phone at the movie theater. Had 2 different women talking and searching their phone during the Elvis movie. SHUT UP!!

u're lack of involvement& not knowing how 2do the job& u're other employee not helping reflects in the 38% out of 100% employee satisfaction

I send a text to my friend and it always takes 4-6 days for them to write back and it's specific question. It's not that hard. Not a good friend, huh?'

dear roommate, Stop turning the A/C down to 62 degrees just because you are upstairs. We live in the basment and it's freezing. Plus I have a small child who is also cold

dear co-workers please put more effort on doing your job. They just use my emails, they don't bother to check the data or do their research (we are ANALYST) they just rush it to get it "done" not even accurate data. Just hate that I it the time and effort to get a good report and they just don't.

I want to tell my sister wives to back the f up. Husband's son is getting married (not her son)(not my son) (son can't stand her) she is all mother of the groom batshiZ crazy --- back up!

to the white sadan on I15 this morning just after downtown heading South, we are all going the SAME direction at relatively the same speed. You aggressively weaving in and out of traffic, barely missing people's front bumpers as you cut dangerously close to their cars... knock that 💩 off! You're going to get someone killed!!!

Listen if you want to follow the posted speed limit you're a good person. The middle lane is for you. I want to go vroom vroom cause I got that ticket money so don't sit in front of me crushing my dreams. Let me be me baby.

To the people who are telling everyone at work that I got a new job. Screw you. You two are part of my reason leaving. And maybe leave it to the Person who got the job to tell people

can everyone look up the definition of RSVP!! We know from years in the past everyone comes but it would help us to plan if you would rsvp

Hey Boss Wake Up have you noticed how many people you've lost in the last few months, do you know how many more are planning to leave. Wake the #$%^ up or you're not going to have anyone to do anything in your Dept and it'll be all you and your croonies.

it's cute how you publicly accuse your ex about withholding child time from you but your wife's ex (my husband) who is a loving father as well has to fight for every minute of time with his kids. Hypocrite much?

To whoever posted a note on my garage saying they were going to call animal control for my puppy barking on MY PORCH go f off it's less than 5 min

Hey A-holes stop going to movie theater & yelling @ my kid. Having a bad day doesn't give you the right to yell @ kids who are working their first job. Be kind or don't bother leaving your house.

I want to tell my ex husband we have been divorced 8yrs now. I wanted to try to be friends but you won't stop with the sexual stuff and don't even financially help with the boys or even spend time with them,so no don't contact me anymore unless it has to do with the boys. I'm done

to the asshat in the silver Honda Accord in front of me- learn how to drive. You're not more important than the rest of us. We're all trying get somewhere. Mmkay buh bye now.

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