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i have a crush on my boss

have a very sweet innocent public persona, people would NEVER guess that behind closed doors my extra curricular activities are very spicy---single female, not religious, yes swinging but not Utah County lol. Love 3somes, rough, role playing, really dirty talk, so many things. ALWAYS protected and my physical safety is paramount--people tell me all the time I look niave and innocent and vanilla. The way I dress, talk, carry myself. I work in properly management for low income elderly and serve on a board. I'm very careful to keep it all separate.

I am pro life and pro trump. Have to keep it quiet so I don’t lose my job and friends

I'm having a fling with a man that is 11 years older than me. We've been doing this about 20 years. I get a lot of fun benefits out of it

I have a crush on my sons therapist. Will never act on it but sometimes I have to leave the room when I catch myself staring.

I'm a fling w/guy 10 yrs older. the spicy stuff send me through the roof. We're both professionals, you'd never guess our fun I think I'm falling for him

I am happily married for almost 20 years but I also have a girlfriend. My husband is very supportive of my relationship with my girlfriend. My family and friends do not know and I'm OK with that it makes the relationship a little bit more fun and exciting.

I have never told this to anyone but im very old now so.....i was a Schutzstaffel (German SS soldier) as a young man....please forgive me.

have a crush on my boyfriend of 3 years dad

My one little secret 🤫 is I kinda have a crush on Frankie. 😆

NO, I HAVE A CRUSH ON FRANKIE! And I'll fight you! 😤

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