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TEXT TOPIC: What happened when you first kissed your significant other?

My first kiss with my SO I work at a bar in Ogden and my boyfriend has been coming in for years and we were just friends for two years that casually flirted with each other for two years. One day I looked at him in front of everyone and said "are we just going to flirt forever or are we gonna do something about it?" And he grabbed my face and kissed me. We've been together for two years now

Spent the night with friends, giving each other looks and touching hands, he was rubbing the small of my back. The second the last person left we were magnets to each other. Best first kiss ever, never looked back, 20 years in the making.

my wife's and I first "kiss" was multiple, an hour and a half to 2 hours of them. In front of my parents house. They saw the whole thing on their camera above the garage. GREAT INTRODUCTION

my wife and I were on a first date. After lunch we went to Murray Park to walk around and talk. She had told me she didn't kiss on the 1st date, so I took that as a challenge and kissed her a few minutes later.

my boyfriend and I of almost 6 years had our first kiss in a graveyard after our date but since it was so cold, my nose was little runny and it got on his nose

I've been with my husband for 32 years, we had gone on five dates I was dying for him to kiss me. He was so cute and polite when he took me home he stepped inside of my parents house because that's where I was living and asked if he could kiss you good night. Two years ago we sold that house and stood in the very spot and re-created our first kiss that I will never ever forget

first kiss we were in his basement watching Lord of the Rings with his brother, about a week after we started dating. Celebrating 20 years in December

my first kiss was kinda like a deer trying to eat an apple through a chain link fence. Neither one of us really knew what we were doing. It definitely wasn't like in the movies.

the first time I kissed her we were in her parents basement alone and it was my first time having a gf so I was really nervous but we ended up kissing/making out and I started giggling because of how nervous and excited I was, now to this day she makes smooch noises and giggles at me to teases me lol

I met my bf of 3 yrs at our previous job.He was 43 but still shy & didn't know how to make the move of asking me out.I knew he liked me, we would talk all day & he would make it a point of checking me out. Fri came, he stayed late, it was just the 2 of us at work. I got tired of waiting. He was on a work call when I walked up to him. I flashed him, he hung up the call, and gave me the most passionate kiss in my life. We've been together since.

My guy that kissed me I knew was gonna be my husband kissed me first, We have been Happily married for 37almost 38 yrs !!! We are still so much n Love ❤️ Rick&Karen Gallegos

been married over 25 years. Our first kiss was absolutely terrible! I was like Jess and loved kissing and was very talented at it. He was all tongue and it almost made me break up with him. We still struggle with tongue control, But I am a forgiving person.

kissed on our 4th date. Which was also my birthday dinner from Him. Knew he was the one after that. Married almost 11 years now

My best friend (and now my significant other) of 15yrs kissed me last July. She said I've loved you since I met you. I guess she couldn't wait any longer

we worked at a cement plant in leamington. I lost a bet and we ended up Kissing at the fuel station as we were filling up our truck with gas. Hard hat and all

First kiss was on my 1978 Z28 got married after knowing each other only three weeks. We'll be celebrating our 35th Anniversary August 1st

our first kiss was in the parking lot of my apartment. I dont remember how it happened, only that the world faded and I felt home.

Fell a sleep watching a movie and we were cuddling and I was half asleep but I just leaned a little over and tapped his lips. 15 years later I still get CRAP for kissing him while we were half asleep.

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