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TEXT TOPIC: What happened to your cell phone?

I smashed my phone because I put it on top of my car and drove away. I drove back and found it in an intersection absolutely destroyed.

guy tried to throw me in a pool in high school, but I wrangled myself out before he got me to the edge…. However my phone flew out of my pocket and into the pool instead. This was back when phones were not water proof and my 16 year old self was devastated that my shiny new Nokia slider phone was now toast at the bottom of a pool!

my phone was on my back pocket. I stood up from using the toilet, instantly flushed as I saw my phone hit the water and go down!

opened my car door, placed my phone on top of my car, went to pick up my dog to put him in the car. Got in the car and went on my way. The music on my Bluetooth suddenly stopped playing, then I felt that I had hit something on the road. Pulled over and found my phone on the ground. I ran it over

As I was getting out of a car the driver thought I was out so he kept the car rolling, he ended up running over my phone, I was pissed!

saw 2 girls at the Utes tailgate searching for 1 of their phones that fell into the port o' potty. 1 was calling the phone, the other was crying hysterically.

dropped my phone into the toilet on two separate occasions. Drank too much at Maggie McGees and while throwing up I was trying to call a friend for help but dropped it in the toilet.

last weekend I was hot tubing and I dropped my iPhone in the hot tub and even though it's waterproof it wont charge and the speakers don't work. So glad it's "water proof"

brand new phone about 10 years ago, dropped it face down on the bathroom floor at work and the screen shattered on the tile. Always get a hefty case for protection now.

Back when you were considered high class for having a cell phone that flips and types, a friend brought hers on a church camping trip. Fell out of her pocket into the BIFFY, a forest chemical toilet. No way we're going after that.

I work in construction 🦺 and I put my iPhone 10x max on my vest pocket. Went to the porta potty and my phone slipped out I tied to catch it and fell in the hole. I hesitated to get it but I had to let it go.

lost my phone at Oktoberfest last year. I was frantically searching for it with find my iPhone and calling it. Someone finally answered my phone and returned it to me with the screen completely cracked!

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