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TEXT TOPIC: What are you snobby about?

I'm a snob on Dr. Pepper I can't have the "dr. Thunder" I'll throw it off the table like a cat I just can't lol

I'm a snob when it comes to my kids clothes. Boy clothes are so UGLY! So I am super snobby on who can buy him clothes and what I'll allow him to wear. No character shirts, no sayings.

My ex-father-in-law would only eat wonderbread, Best Foods mayonnaise and Hunts ketchup. And we did try to switch out the mayonnaise and ketchup and he noticed lol

I'm a jazz seat snob. I grew up with lower bowl season tickets during the 90s and 2000s and now I won't go to jazz games if I'm sitting upper bowl. I'd rather sit on my couch at home with a tall cold one.

chocolate chips, they must be Nestle semi sweet!

I am a coffee snob.

I am snobby about shampoo I will never use store brand my husband says I'm crazy and over pay but I don't care!

I'm a TOTAL SUSHI SNOB. I think you have to be or it can make for some really uncomfortable experiences!

I'm snobby about toilet paper. These cheeks deserve the best. No single ply here. Only a soft quilted TP for me.

I'm snobby about name brand cereal! I need to have the good stuff

I'm snobby about my sandals. ANY sandals. They HAVE TO BE the "Skechers" brand. They are just so COMFORTABLE and love how they conform to my beautiful feet. Feels soooo good!!! I moan with satisfaction when I put my feet in and it just feels just right! There's just something about that Skechers brand

I am snobby about my Pepsi if a restaurant don't sell Pepsi I bring my own. my co workers laugh at me cause I pull a can out my pocket. I think I might have a problem now that I'm writing this lol

coffee! I hate StarSucks bc it's 2 acidic. & Cottage cheese! Has 2b Derigold. Others r off-putting in taste/texture

I'm snobby about my Diet Coke! McDonald's is where to get it!! Best Diet Coke ever!!!!

snob about garlic bread. Can't just grab any garlic bread at a store. Use Tom's garlic spread on french bread or I won't eat it.

I'm snobby about chapstick. I spend $10 on a tube of it and refuse to use anything other than that brand

Total snob about dish soap. Only Dawn dish soap. When I was little my cat fell in a bucket of motor oil and it cleaned her like a champ. Swear by it.

speaking of Dr Pepper soda. The bubble to soda ratio is perfect at Chili's and La Hacienda. Yes the bubble to soda ratio makes a difference. My husband and I discuss this when we go out to eat. I'm guessing that makes me a snob lol

Im a full time waitress snob! I want the same person at my usuals. I will wait to be seated until I sit in my specific section that calls me by name and knows my usual!

I'm snobby about Q-Tips! Absolutely no store or off brand!

I'm a snob when it comes to my radio station! I can only listen to Frankie and Jess 97.1 all other radio stations don't compare ❤️ Listener Bill

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