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TEXT TOPIC: How fast were you going when you got pulled over?

testing my car @the time,said 120 oh shizzz bc when I said that I noticed a cop sitting on the side,my heart dropped.He didn't even move. Haven't done that since.

I was going down a hill, speed limit 35 at the top of the hill, 25 at the bottom, I was going 37. Got a ticket, I was on the way to take my engagement pictures with my fiancé and the photographer in the car🥴 worst part is the officer just walked out into the road with a stop sign and pointed to me. They had multiple officers and must have given 10 tickets while I was there.

I was doing 90 in the provo canyon passed highway patrol going the other way and I just see smoke coming from his tires I don't wanna run or tire took it and well 390 dollar ticket

My husband got pulled over on his way to Logan. He was going 15 over, got a ticket. LUCKILY the officer did not notice my husbands license as well as our registration were both expired

82 in a 40 heading home from bf's house in Tooele. First ticket. Had to see the judge. Paid $370 and went to traffic school.

coming home from Vegas my friend was going 110 in an 80. Got pulled over in beaver. Thankfully she only got a ticket for 85 in an 80.

Caught speeding🤭 @ 120 I was headed to St. George, you know that long boring /nothing in sight stretch, I think I paid $450

My husband & I had just filed for divorce, May 29th (day after my bday) I was moving into my new place, I was pulled over on 215 near Valley Fair mall going 95 in a 70 zone, I had to pay $175.

I was going 85 in a 70 and I got pulled over the cop came to my window and asked me if I new how fast I was going and I said yes and he asked where I was headed and I said to my job at this bar in Ogden. He said well here I'll give you a warning if you let me follow you there and you abide by all the laws. I said okay let's go. He followed me and I got his number. We went on a few dates but it didn't work out, I didn't get a ticket though

I was driving to Vegas from salt lake. I was in the strip of fillamore and bever. I was in a 90 mustang old highway patrol car I bought. I was doing 160 when the cop saw me. He caught up to me and stopped me. I ended up with a 5 over ticket.

use to always be late. Anyway I was driving up Parleys not long after the recession I finally got a job after being laid off for a year+ I was going 90 weaving in and out of traffic improper lane change failure to signal. Speeding that much is mandatory court appearance my ticket was careless driving Step under reckless. Luckily I met with the prosecutor got it knock down to 15 over because the officer didn't put all the other things that I was doing other than speeding.-- almost $400 ticket back then for 15 over

Headed to Wendover. It was snowing most of the way, so I went roughly 30-40mph. Snow stopped the last 15ish mins, so I sped up to 115 to try and make up time. Got pulled over. I did get a ticket and one of my passengers went to jail for an old warrant I didn't know he had

On my way to Arizona for my brothers wedding, got pulled over in Filmore going 84 in an 80 and he said he clocked me at 91. I had cruise set but still got a $140 ticket

got pulled over about 2 years ago on I 15 near Farmington going 83, was alone in the carpool lane. 😳😬 He told me to slow down and stay out of the carpool lane. No ticket

was in wendover gambling at the peppermill but had stayed at Montego and needed to back to make checkout time so I was only going 35 in a 30 and still got a ticket. Wendover police don't mess around

I was a delivery driver and was going 55 in a 35 because I didn't see the correct speed, got pulled over but the officer let me go because I was in a company van and because of the shock on my face when he told me the speed limit is 35

got a ticket going 53 in a 35 tried to claim dyslexia got a ticket had to go to court had to go to traffic school to get the points taken off

HEY Franksies and Yassica it's Jesse. When I was around 22, I was being stupid with friends and speeding. I was going 90 on the freeway when it was 50. I had to go to court. I was put on a 1yr probation and paid $800. Lesson learned. oh, there was construction, that's why it was 50mph

got off work at 11PM and just got off the freeway and got on Bangater where it's the turn where you just need to put your foot to the floor. Right before the redwood exit there was a cop and I was going 85-90. For some reason he didn't come after me!

I was going 90 in a 70. UHP pulled me over and said "did you see the speed limit sign" I answered with "yes officer I did, I just didn't see you". He laughed for a good minute and told me to slow down!

There's a stretch between search light and heading to Lake Havasu city Arizona 2 Lane Highway not really a highway but doing 95 miles an hour cop passed me I saw him give me the double take and thought for sure I get stuck in a speed trap didn't get that he couldn't catch me I looked out

My husband worked Graveyards and was coming home, middle of the night. Turning onto Mt view and a vehicle in the next lane sped up, of course my husband thinks it's race time. So they were up to 110 and he slowed to turn. The vehicle passed him and flipped the red and blue lights on as he passed him and kept going. No ticket. Lmao

I took 2-15 instead of I15 because I thought there would be "less cops". Pulled over going 98 in a 65. Cop wrote me for 5 over because I said my stomachhurt

I was 16 years old going 50 in a 25 to get over to a boys house that I liked. Got reckless driving for doubling the speed limit and cleaned the city art museum the whole summer.

on my way to Vegas. Going 90. Yes I got that ticket.

my youngest sister got pulled over for going 125 in a 75 on the way to Boise. She tried to pull the "dumb blonde teenager" crap but she totally got the ticket, my Dad wanted to kill her! $1000 ticket!

coming home from Yellowstone going through Wyoming I failed to notice the reduced speed and went into a little town going about 100. Big mistake. Those Wyoming cops are really on top of you. I looked at the cop and said "oh come on meow!" He laughed so hard he gave me ticket for five over.

I was pulled over going 29 in a 25 in some podunk town in Idaho while heading home! He left me with a warning and to let me know it's 25. I had it cruised controlled at 29 and passed the cop. Stop at a gas station and found out he was known for pulling anyone going 1mph over

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