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TEXT TOPIC: Does it make you nervous when your significant other drives?

my boyfriend, I hate driving with him. I get car sick every time and he drives like where he's from, Cali. But, when I drive he hates it and is always critiquing me lol

my husband cannot anyone to pass him or be faster. He averages about 90 on i-15. Sorry to say but sometimes I hope he will get a ticket. And yes he thinks I am crazy- he’s just getting around someone. Everyday. Every time.

my bf is so aggressive when he drives and has the worst road rage we r gonna get shot one da

Hubby drives to fast, changes lanes too fast & isn't aware of surroundings before, and just generally aggressive driving. Also gets road rage sometimes.

My fiancé doesn't slow down fast enough. I always feel like we're going to hit the person ahead of us! It makes me so nervous!

hubby is a police office and drives like he's always headed to a call or like he's trying to read a license plate. He's also an instructor who teaches officers how to drive defensively. Sometime I catch him practicing how to take curves as we're driving... especially if we're driving down a canyon

never knew I had trust issues in my relationship until we bought a Tesla and my husband drives. He's always been an aggressive (good way) driver but he likes to use the self drive and there's something about a computer driving that makes me anxious. I also think my husband driving and my anxiety is a control thing

my husband speeds like crazy. Every trip in the car is a NASCAR event. Slams on the brakes at every light and texts and eats simultaneously while driving. He also refuses to put the car in the right gear because he knows better so we drive on the freeway in 3rd gear.

If someone cuts my fiancé off, he will LAY on the horn for way too long and ride their butt sooo close. It makes me so nervous that they will break check him and we will crash or that he will piss off the wrong person. Every time this happens I have to tell him to stop.

Hate it when my husband drives he never follows the speed limit when on road trip always going 15-20 miles over with kids in the car. Drives me nuts and I drive when possible.

my husband's driving sounds like Jess's driving! I kiss the ground when we arrive alive at our destination! I HATE IT!

my hubby scares me mainly cause he drives so slow. At least 5-10 under the speed limit. He doesn't care either. He also leaves way earlier cause of his slow driving. I can't handle it so I drive everywhere but he says im scary cause I drive 5-10 over the speed limit

my husband is over confident in his driving abilities and so ii makes me nervous because he takes chances I wouldn't.

my wife is always grabbing the dash, making weird sound or grabbing the 'oh shi#' handle cause of my aggressive driving. But of course she never drives, just complains how I drive

Oh man driving is a daily argument in our house! My husband drives a truck and tails everyone (why do truck owners do that??) He also drifts from line to line within his lane, I don't know why he can't just drive straight in the lane. So, not only do I worry about the front of the car I worry we're going to side swipe other cars too!

My husband scares me when he drives sometimes. He likes to speed up when we get on the street my parents live on or sometimes he will sometimes try and switch lanes with people right in his blind spot.

I'm terrified of my husbands driving. He's overly aggressive and constantly on the throttle then the brakes.

it's so funny the topic is about your spouses driving... literally on our way to work (my husband drops me off) I was talking to him about something when suddenly he SLAMS on the breaks and then rolls down the window to yell as the person who was apparently riding our ass speeds by. I was so pissed at my husband because it was so shocking and unexpected. It was an awkward quiet ride the rest of the way, when suddenly we hear Frankie say "tell us about why your spouses driving makes you nervous!" The ride remained awkward and quiet. Lol!

my wife is a bit of a tailgater. Freaks me out. I search for deer too though :)

I'm a speed demon, my husband on the other hand drives SO slow. He also drives a car close to the ground. So Everytime he has to drive through utah construction, he gasps going over every single bump. The gasps terrify me!! Haha

my s/o is a truck driver! But I haaaate when he is driving. He drives super slow but also scares me. Help it make sense!

My boyfriend is a great driver but when someone cuts him off he lays on the horn for literally 5 minutes and will follow them bumper to bumper. It's the worst!

My husband scares me when he drives because he instantly gets mad if somebody's not going fast enough or if they didn't turn right or if you're looking for a house and they're trying to turn and then they keep going. I always tell him is it really that important for you to get so mad and get your blood pressure up over some you can't control lol

another proud wife of a cop here! But sometimes I think my husband forgets he isn't always driving his patrol car. He zips in and out of lanes and speeds like a nascar driver (or Jess😉)

My wife used to make me nervous. the turn signals stay on she didn't think you could turn them off unless you turned the wheel. so imagine driving down the freeway at 70 mph with her Yankee in the steering wheel back-and-forth to turn the turn signal off

Husband waits till last possible moment to brake. Scares me when it rains. He always watches for wildlife off the side of the road too!

my wife texted in about my driving so let me tell you about hers. She will stop at green lights and drive through red lights. She gets scared if drivers get close so she will jerk the wheel. She can be an indecisive driver.

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