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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a wardrobe malfunction?

borrowed a dress 4 Jr Prom from a larger frame friend but made it work, I thought. In front of everyone, it slipped off my top half! horrified rest of night!-- Didn't have a bra on. 😱Too make matters worse, I went to a small Xian high school. Worst night ever! Never borrowed anything from her again

july 4, Cottonwood rec pool. My bikini bottom came untied while I was carrying food. Tons of people, my bf, his brothers, my 2 younger cousins

wardrobe mishap breastfeeding! There were several occasions I would forget to put a boob away and go in public

wardrobe malfunction!! Decided to work a 8 hour Saturday in the salon in heels. Was cashing a client out and resting my feet by pulling one foot up at a time then repeating on the other side. Well my heel got caught on the inside of my long skirt so when I put my foot down my skirt went down too!!! Lets just say the poor woman getting highlights behind me got a show!!!

when I still living in CA, we were at the beach. I was boogie boarding and a huge wave sucked me in and threw me around under water. When I finally could find up, I stood up, but couldn't hear or see anything. Finally I could see my mom telling me to pull my top back up. Boobs showing to all of the beach.

I am a female local truck driver, I am fairly short so It takes a lot for my Little legs to get up into the truck The crotch of my pants ripped and I didn't notice Until I Felt a breeze

Was a waitress, black pants or skirt required. Choose to wear pants as I didn't have any pantyhose (required for a skirt). Squatted to put clean linens away and the seam went out. My bum there for all to see

my cousin had something similar. She was trying to show off, flrt with some dude on the beach and got hit by a wave! 🤣 Her top was out of place but she was more worried to get up, put herself together fixing her hair. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even talk to tell her and needless to say the dude had huge grins

Came home from work and my husband said did you walk around all day like that? I was like what? He grabbed his phone and took a picture, I had a big hole in the butt of my scrubs. I texted my coworkers and they all said they didn't see it. It was huge! I don't know how no one saw it.

I was getting gas early one morning before work, a guy was getting gas next to me. He came over and informed me that not only were my scrubs inside out, but my top was on backwards. I was so embarrassed

Went to a packed family friendly water slide. Came down the water slide with my 3 yr old niece, bikini top came off. Grabbed my niece hugged her told her not to move, went to the bathroom, and fixed myself.

was working at the jail and used the restroom in one of the holding areas. When I came out I had even tucked in my underwear. So all the men in the holding cells saw my underwear

years ago a man at our work came out of the bathroom with his thing hanging out of his zipper.

wardrobe mishap. I competitively swam for 10 years and I was at a state championship meet and I go off the block and I felt something kind of snap and realized it was my zipper for my suit and it had just broken apart. I ended up competing in the whole race and after I got out of the water I merely ran the locker room didn't even know if I had a good time or what place I took I just needed to fix that suit

wardrobe mishap I had once. I was at Murray pool and went down the water slid and I was wearing a longer bikini top and it fell down and I flashed everyone at the pool

I was frolicking in the ocean in pure joy and my daughter kept yelling to tell me my breast was exposed but i couldn't hear her. A man witnessed the whole thing.

Listening from Seattle... was my first time trying out boxers instead of my tighty whitey underwear and was wearing some looser fitting shorts... was hanging out all day and my friend finally told me. Had to check if my friend became a writer for Friends as I was THAT guy in the episode where the guy's stuff was always hanging out. Was the LAST time I wore boxers. CK

I was just wearing pasties because I'm small and could get away with it. I just started a new job and was walking around two separate buildings all morning. Come late afternoon, I realized one was missing. I freaked out, thought I was gonna have to quit, I ended up finding it upstairs under the lunch table. All I could think about was just seeing it right in the middle of the shiny showroom floor. Second story, I used to love dressing up, that time has since long passed. I worked with a bunch of dudes and was wearing a skirt that for whatever reason zipped starting from the bottom up. I walked out of the managers office and and when I got back to my desk, I felt the really cold seat on my you know what - turns out the whole thing had come unzipped from the bottom all the way to the top and NO ONE said anything. After I fixed the skirt, I went back and told the guys straight up that they can't let a woman walk around like that and next time they have to say

wardrobe: my nips seem to be a fan of sunlight in every swimsuit I own. Never fails. EVERY TIME.

so I just got back from maternity leave and everything was a little bigger. I was doing a intense group fitness workout and thinking "I'm rocking it" meanwhile my boob popped out. a sweet lady told me. I was so embarrassed

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