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TEXT TOPIC: Did you get hurt on the job?

I used to work at a bakery packing the bread. We had a belt that would push the bread down to us. We used a metal scraper to clean the rollers that would fill up w crumbs. I was dumb and used a plastic scraper. The scraper got caught and my hand too. Someone turned the belt back on by accident while my hand was stuck. Pulling my arm further up I was kneeling trying to pull it out and I couldn't because its tight. I passed out because of the pain. Thankfully one of my friends came running w a knife and cut it to let my hand free. The doctors said I was lucky and he acted fast, otherwise I could have lost my hand because of the time I spent stuck without blood flow. Scary moments!!!

worked at a teenager treatment center. Girl walking behind me was mad and kicked my knee out. Several weeks of physical therapy. I hate anyone walking behind me now

used to work at a bakery in high school and I was slicing bread using a machine that was at least 30 years old to slice it, my thumb went in with the bread and split my thumb right in half all the way through my nail

went to cut a box down in the warehouse and sliced the top of my knee with the box cutter. Probably scared the guy I borrowed from. But just hobbled out and took myself to my doctor to get stitched up. Didn't want to deal with the paperwork

used to build doors one day I was cutting metal for a frame and cut my finger tip off on a band saw I was able to keep the tip and had to do physical therapy

worked in maintenance and was changing a ballast on a light. I cut all the power to the light. I then went to cut the power and ground wire since it was hard wired in. When I did that I was immediately turned into a grounding rod. Yeah it was an emergency light do power was always to it.

work at bank and got on a ladder to get in a vault and fall off. I broke my elbow It's all on camera

worked as a CNA I got full blown slapped across the face by one of my residents because she didn't want to be changed. But I just stood up and walked out for a minute, came back in and everything was fine. Now my boyfriend on the other hand works as an electrician and he gets hurt constantly whether he blows himself up, get splinters, steps wrong off ladders. So many injuries all the time, stresses me out haha

we was cutting down some trees in the peace gardens and I was using the chainsaw to cut them in smaller pieces and the chainsaw kicked back and cut my knee open I can see my bone and blood was spilling out I got a awesome scare now

Was opening up a package of things at a steel plant and put my leather man knife through my wrist and was dripping blood everywhere. Glued that baby tight up

I did too cut my finger at the bakery I worked at. Slicing biscotti lol and that same day while baking the same biscotti I burnt my arm when pulling the tray out of the massive ovens. Needless to say I asked the manager to let me go home before I killed myself that night.🤣 Quitting that job probably saved my life for real! Many more accidents at that bakery for me

I'm a bartender, was opening a glass corona bottle with my bar key, I guess I became the She- hulk, because as I went to place the line in the bottle I notice the top of the bottle was broken off, I looked at the customer who's face just showed horror and I looked down to see two guest shards of glass in my finger. I carefully pulled the glass shards out and realized how deep the wounds were. Everyone stopped to help me bandage up, but we couldn't stop the bleeding so I ended up leaving and needed 4 stitches in one finger.

working at Kmart When they had Little Caesars in there a coworker sliced her finger and I had to rush her to the emergency room to get to 55 stitches

my husband had the fork of a forklift go through the bottom of his foot. Luckily it missed all bones and tendons.

i was training a class of 20 people. There was a barstool height office rolly chair- I tried to sit up on it and it shot out from under me and I fell down on all fours in front of everyone and fractured my wrist and pulled on the tendons in my elbow and shoulder

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