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TEXT TOPIC: You have an issue with your significant others fashion sense?

My boyfriend loves "free stuff," so his entire wardrobe consists of clothing featuring company logos: shirts, jackets, fanny packs. All company logos.

Omg he has no fashion sense. He is a 50+ year old man with a 9 month pregnant beer belly who cuts all the sleeves off every t-shirt he owns and wears white tennis shoes always

my husband hates my fashion because I don't really care what I wear you could see me in baggy sweats and a hoodie. Even on special occasions but I have gotten better lately

few years ago my boyfriend and I were going to go to a club in West Hollywood but he'd never been and didn't know what to wear. I told him he was overthinking it and it whatever he picked would be fine. So he started to grab one of his many polos and I instinctively grabbed his wrist and said "no". He said, "but you just said it wouldn't matter". I just replied "I know what I said but you can't go to a gay club in weho wearing a polo...." He hasn't worn many polos since

my husband has these sandals that he calls dad sandals and they are just hideous his feet are horrendous I tried getting rid of them but he noticed one was missing

Jesus Sandles. I know a lot of people love them but I just don't dig them. Wife loves them

I love my husband to death. But he always wears black long socks with shorts. And that's what he wore for our wedding.

my husband wears graphic tee's. Which wouldn't be a problem, but they always have something offensive on them. He says they're jokes. I say they're trash.

My husband used to have this ugly brown shirt that he would always wear and I tried to get him to get rid of it time and time again well when we moved it miraculously went away no more ugly brown shirt

My boyfriend wears his shirts like 2 sizes too big because he says comfort over fashion and it drives me nuts!!

hubs wears hats all the time and he's outside a lot so he gets a bad tan line. Then gets annoyed he can't not wear a hat because he hates his tan line

My hubs wears old man cheap black velvet slip on shoes. Ugh. Then white socks and shorts. It's awful!

Jammie pants! In inappropriate times and places. Like to a restaurant

My wife has this...kind of a bathrobe/moo moo with a zipper that she wears in the morning, BUT some days she's still wearing it after lunch and while out and about. I went to the store yesterday and saw her there wearing it and sneaked out before she saw me.

husband wears long calf socks with shorts. No no no!

my husband has the ugliest "dad shoes". they are multicolored and I'm talking purple and coral colors and some other random colors. I'm talking to you Nate! Lol

my fiancé doesn't like some of wardrobe and wishes I'd dress more skimpy, I actually dress very tasteful and fashionable and have tons of clothes. But yet he wears literally the SAME CLOTHES every day. Mostly black, gym shirts or sweat pants, and a t shirt. Sometimes he'll wear jeans if we go somewhere nice. I tell him until he actually tries with his scarce wardrobe he has no room to complain about mine.

So my boyfriend where is this tank top and he wears it out he's had it for like two years and every picture that we take he is wearing a tank top it's like he never changes

My hubby wears this pair of light gray shorts with everything I think he thinks that they match everything laid out! Sometimes I don't wash them on purpose.

softball shorts and jerseys nothing matches strange colors they're hideous!!

hubby's color blind...fill in the blanks

My husband hates my granny panties I wear to bed

my husband still wears graffic shirts from when he was a teen, he is 27 & married!! But when I get him to buy new clothes he goes to the cowboys stores and buys clothes that older (old fashion cowboys) would wear. From one extreme to the other ugh!

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