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TEXT TOPIC: What was your first job?

milked cows! I was 13 years old. Had to milk them at 4 am and 4 pm and got $5 a milking lol so $10 a day 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I was used, it was hard work!

my first job was at a little diner called Scott's drive-in in West Valley. I lied about my age to get the job. I was 14 and I told them I was 16. My family was in an extremely desperate situation and I had to find a way to help where I could. I have no idea how I got away with it but I did for about almost 6 months I worked this job. They never found out eventually quit because you know fast food sucks.

my first job was K-Mart 1990 to 1995 long time ago lol

my first job was working as a ride operator at lagoon. I worked there for 4 years and met my now husband

My first job was sonic and it was back when they still wore the rollerblades so I fell a lot until I got used to the rollerblades haha

worked as a lot attendant at the redwood drive- in 15 yrs old, made $4.25 hr. After 2 yrs i got a $.10 raise, i quit right there lol

night time custodian for the local elementary school, all 3 years of high school!

my first job was working for a dental office, receptionist. Thanks Rebecca

my first job was a bagger at the Roy Harmons 1996

When I was in sixth grade my dad left. I wanted to help my mom so I took a job as a dance teachers assistant for $2.50 an hour! I worked that job all summer long!

my first job was delivering papers for the Ogden standard examiner and that was when I was in my early early teens and later while I was delivering papers I was bailing hay for In the hayfields out in plain city

my first job I worked at Papa John's

first job was chuck e cheese. Occasionally would have to dress up as the mouse and the kids would tease me about being short and pulling my tail. I'm 5'1. Those big plastic feet were good for'accidentally' tripping them haha

first job was 16 years old was a custodian at night of a library

my first job was working the rides for a carnival

my first job was at Dexter's Party Ice, I banged ice all day. I was 15

my first job Was the same job my mom quit after giving birth to me. Ace Hardware

first job was a courtesy clerk at Albertsons when I was 16 you get to deal with all kinds of personalities...

1st job was when I was 15 years old (85) I worked in a private club in Midvale and the dishes in the evening and during closed hours I would stock the Mini bottles in the alcohol room I made $2.80 an hour

My first job was at Italian Village, in Murray. They have the best pizza benders. I went to KMart after that...blue light special anyone? Lol

first job was Baskin Robbins. Was 15

janitor at my high school. Stayed for 2-3 years but never got a raise from $7.25

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